Blood (what’s wrong with you) Lad



Staz is a quite a powerful vampire, obsessed with the Japanese culture, that lives in the demon world. One day, he finds a stupid human girl wandering around. As both of them are fucktards, the girl gets eaten by a demon and becomes a ghost. He swears that he’ll bring her back to life.

This was one of my most highly expected series for this summer. It has finally ended.

After 10 episodes.

No, it didn’t end. It was a no-ending. Far from an open end. It was so open it makes me wonder if the producers didn’t just stall the series.

I expected a not-so-creepy-blood-sucking hero and a sharp, smart and active female supporting character. I got an otaku-vampire and a dumb bitch with huge tits. Even better!

It had so much potential at the beginning. Apparently they would’ve spared us the annoying fillers and stupid 7 episodes long battles. They have actually spared us the entire show.

Apart from that, visually, the series is really nice. Every characters has its own personality traits pretty well represented by their appearance.

3/5 stars

Watch it, if you wish so. It’s quite entertaining and funny, definitely watchable if you don’t mind the missing end and the fact that the story/action seems to be always rushing.

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