Brothers Conflict


The story revolves around Ema Hinata, a single child, who finds out that her daddy is going to marry a woman that has no less that 13 children. All boys. Her new brothers. They fall in love with her. The end.

Remember, I’m watching this so you don’t have to.

I guess this was supposed to be a funny and cute reverse harem. It is not.

It’s true that every single character looks extremely cute, but that’s it.

Basically, the show presents 11 (yes, not 13) horny guys chasing a 16-something y/o dumb bitch that happens to be their sister and seems to enjoy every single minute of it.

So yeah, they don’t do anything else but randomly hug her, kiss her, confess their feelings and fight with each other while she doesn’t say a thing and watches everything like the personality-less whore that she is.

Of course, the twin romance couldn’t miss.

And, although some characters are acceptable, okaish and almost decent (see Hikaru – cross-dresser, doesn’t seem in love with her), there are characters like Juli – the most annoying pet ever and that Futo-fucker that could easily win the most-hated award in any anime competition.

Aaand, I just found out it is supposed to have 25 episodes. This is how life challenges me. Please pray for me so that I can finish watching this without mentally collapsing.

This makes me want to go outside and randomly throw rocks at the society out of frustration.

You do not want to watch this. I repeat, you do not want to watch this.

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3 Responses to Brothers Conflict

  1. sugarhighdd says:

    :)) I might watch this just for the heck of it. Dupa titlu m-am prins cam despre ce e vorba. Orice fata normala ar fi fugir din casa aia, dar pribabil ca eroina noastra este o pure-hearted maiden, neobisnuita cu atentia baietilor, nu a mai avut prieten si probabil nici scoala ei nu e co-ed. Traiasca dub-conul!


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