Watamote | Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!

Watamote - 03 - Large 04

Tomoko is a normal high school girl. Expect for the fact that she is too socially awkward to interact with anyone. Basically, her anxiety is anxious. Don’t mess with that. She’s aloon.

I was trying to save this one until after the final episode, but it would have been too long for me.

Definitely my top choice in anime for this summer.

The main dish is the lonely and socially fucked up Tomoko doing nothing but feeling like crap and having no friends, trying to improve her social life, seasoned with some excellent dark humour. On the side, a nice cup of awkward situations and, for desert, a few heart melting scenes.

Even tho’ I heard lots of people talking about how insensitive and cold hearted those who enjoy this series are, I really find it not only enjoyable, but entertaining and funny.

The idea is nothing special or super original, but the plot, overall, is awesome. Tomoko is one the best characters in a slice of life series, as fucked up as she is.

Despite seeming so gloomy all over, it’s actually funny and entertaining and I’m sure you will agree with me if you like socially challenged characters, otaku characters, smart characters or if you enjoyed Lucky Star.

I also liked the links and suggestions on other anime series, especially the K-ON part in episode 11.

And the op. Don’t forget about the op.

Just fucking watch it, because it’s as awesome as that.

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