Summer 2013 series – impressions and stuff

Blood Lad | 3/5


I got it kind of reviewed here, in case somebody wants more details. It had lots of potential at the beginning, but got pretty boring towards the end. Pretty rushed, if you ask me, but, aside from that, really funny and entertaining. There are rumours about a next season, not sure if I’m going to watch it or not.

Watamote | 4.7/5


Tomoko sums up the entire season. This article is now pointless. Thank you, Mokoto.

Definitely my top choice for summer 2013. Also reviewed here. Please admit: everybody is Tomoko at a certain level. I asdfghjkl her. Whoever says this series is bad for its dark humour is my sworn enemy and must know that I probably don’t like them. Watch this. It haz the funniez.

Brothers Conflict | 1/5


Reviewed here. Clearly the worst thing that could happen to anime this season. I don’t think anyone over 12 likes this. And that says pretty much everything.

Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club | 3.5/5


Oh, yes, yes, mhm, yes.

This is one god damn visually pleasing series. Yes, the water is wet. Do you know what else is? Ok, enough with the bad puns.

The story centers around the Iwatobi swim club and the relationships between its members. They also do some swimming on the side. Every now and then I get the impression that this entire series is about every character trying to get intimate with Haruka. Haruka is a guy. Every guy has a girl’s name. Deal with it.

I’m all over Makoto, btw. Take anyone else, not him.

Servant x Service | 4/5


Don’t know what I was expecting when I started watching it, but, clearly, it got way better.

It’s a cute, peaceful slice of life, centered around the lives of 5 civil servants. It’s nice and funny and all that and it just makes me feel randomly happy. I can’t decide if my favourite character is Hasebe or Megumi. Biggest issue in my life so far.

However, this is so randomly awesome it would be a shame to miss. Definitely a must watch for slice of life lovers. Also, catchiest op evooor.

Dog & Scissors | 2/5


Another one that started all nice and funny and turned out to be really crappy.

If wouldn’t know how to describe it if asked. It’s like some random harem centered around a dog, bad puns and weird fantasy fighting scenes. And books. And a few funny characters.

Love Lab | 3/5


Moe, moe, moe, moe, moe.

The story of the girls from the student council of a girls-only high school. Although they’re quite popular, none of them has ever dealt with boys. Except for Mizushima. But she’s ugly and mean and not popular.

Anywhore, they start researching love-related stuff (like dropping the handkerchief and bumping into guys) in order to get popular among men and build relationships.

They’re all unbelievably cute and dumb. Like really dumb. Severely dumb.  But funny as hell.

Yamishibai – Japanese ghost stories | 4/5


Yamishibai is a series of 4 minutes picture-story episodes based on Japanese legends and urban stories. The artwork may seem fucked up, but it really emphasizes the horror in every story. No gore, no sci-fi, just ghosts and spirits and evil stuff. And yes, it may get really creepy at times. Give it a try if you’re into horror stuff, you might not regret it.

What did you think of this season and its particular series?


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