Nijikon 2013

Nijikon Romania finally announced the details for this year’s edition.

November 2 and 3, Turbohalle.

Go to their site for more information. Romanian only, tho’.

Aaand, the official event facebook page.


Now, first of all, I would (not) like to shamefully admit that I’ve never been to an otaku convention before.

I’m scared, okay?  I’m under the impression that everyone in there is super keen on anime and manga and that they’re gonna look at me and immediately realise that I didn’t watch One Piece, Bleach and other popular stuff like that.

Besides, it’s my not-so-secret dream to finally cosplay.

But there’s gonna be people.

And I finally found a great character.


Please let me know if you’re coming in a comment below.

And, if not, tell me your best/most awkward experience at an otaku convention.


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One Response to Nijikon 2013

  1. You could pass as a hipster anime fan. Because Naruto, Op, Bleach and so on are mainstream ^^


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