Fall 2013 – lazy first impressions I

I’ve been told I’m a lazy ass ’cause I haven’t reviewed anything at all lately.

So yeah, don’t mind the fact that the fall season has started about a month ago, mkay? Let’s just pretend everything’s fine. Gut.


Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) | 3/5


The world has magical malicious creatures known as youmu. It also has people known as Spirit World Warriors that hunt them down. There’s an immortal half-breed from a youmu and a human as the main character and a Spirit World Warrior girl full of personality issues who keeps trying to stab him. They kind of work together.

Great animation, cool characters, funny here and there. The plot could have been better, tho’, I feel like it wastes the potential of the series. I was honestly expecting something along the lines of a dark fantasy and I’m still hoping it will get to that point. Definitely gonna keep watching.


Coppelion | 4/5


The action takes place around 2036, 20 years after a nuclear explosion that contaminated Tokyo so bad that it became a ghost town. Coppelions are those 3 girls in the picture above, genetically-engineered puppets that are not affected by the radiations and are basically sent to Tokyo to look for survivors.

This might not look like something that interesting. I’ve actually seen pretty disappointed people. But you’re now reading my personal opinion and I say that it’s good. Really. First of all, I like the animation. Second, the characters. Even though the trio might look a bit cliché at first, you will soon notice that they don’t follow the usual rules. At least the senpai-girl. She actually has feelings, compared to other characters portrayed as strong and heartless. Third, the plot. Seemed a little boring at first, but it got better as quickly as that. Give it a try, I recommend it.


Kill la Kill | 4/5


Here we have an angry heroine with a giant red scissor blade, looking for revenge on her father’s death, an weird school looking as if it controls the world and the president of the student council acting as if she’s queen. Every character’s power comes from their uniform (Goku uniforms) that somehow manage to give them special abilities.

One thing to say: fanservice. More things to say? Boobs, asses, bare skin, fighting scenes.

The animation is not really my cup of tea and nor is the design of the uniforms. Overall, tho’, I find it really good. It’s funny, has great fighting scenes, a well written plot and nice development. My only fear is that it’s going to suck towards the end because the action is moving rather fast and I can’t imagine what are they going to come up with for 26 episodes.


Golden Time | 2.7/5


Insane woman in love. Possible harem.

There’s this girl who’s in love with this guy. He’s not in love with her. They’ve been together since they were kids, he got tired of her and decided to go to uni without her knowing. She finds out and decides to attend the same school. That’s where they befriend the main character, a simple, plain guy. Oh, yeah, both of them are super rich. Not the main character.

Ok, so. There’s a thick line between clingy and insane and this girl crossed it for good. Unlike other in love characters, she actually has some personality. A lot of it. Too much.

I don’t see anything special in this series. I’m not a big fan of harems and it looks like it’s going to become one. Slice of life? Meh. Romance? Meh. It has its funny parts but it’s just…boringly common. I guess I’ll stick to it until the end, but I don’t have any high expectation.


Meganebu! | 2/5


The story of the Glasses Club. Five guys worshiping glasses, trying to make some kind of x-ray glasses that can make one see through clothes.

I guess it’s based on the same principle as Free! was: visually pleasing the female audience. On a way lower budget, which is obvious. Weird colour palette, sometimes so bright and fluorescent it hurts. Really shitty at times, but it has a few funny moments. Plotwise, it kind of sucks. I already know I’m going to watch 12 (or, at least, 11) episodes of them trying to make those glasses and failing miserably. So yeah. I don’t really recommend it, unless you’re really into this kind of stuff. Or if you’re a 12 y/o girl.



That’s it for tonight. I’ll come back tomorrow with another set of first impressions because I’ve started too many series from this season and I’m too lazy to write about the rest of them right now. So yeah. Comment down below and tell me your own, personal, opinion.






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