Fall 2013 – lazy first impressions II

Thank god I’m punctual and trustworthy and didn’t make that ‘tomorrow’ into a ‘two weeks later’.


Nagi no Asukara | 3.5/5



The story of 4 childhood friends that dwell in the sea (this is somehow common). After their school is closed, they are forced to attend one from the surface.

This used to make me so mad. I can’t even explain why. It’s a great story, it’s extremely beautifully animated, has a great artwork, nice plot, it faces problems such as discrimination and racism, but it made me so god. damn. mad. I would just watch an episode and find myself unreasonably mad with nothing. I got over it, tho’.

Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Comedy o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteru | 2.7/5



So there’s this guy who is faced with two choices every now and then and has to pick one, no matter how bad it is, or else he suffers severe pain. One day he has to choose for a girl to fall from the sky and, together, they’re trying to put an end to his curse.

Imho, it could have been funnier. They don’t do much, that’s the point. A slight joke here and there and that’s pretty much it. I’ll stick to it ’till the end, tho’. That’s all I have to say.


Outbreak Company | 4/5



A parallel word with ours, full of fantastic creatures is discovered and Japan sends its best men to make contact. They also send Shinichi Kanou, a social reject irl, to teach them the otaku ways.

This one is actually good. It has the funny and it’s full of moe. Of course there’s going to be a character for every type out there and it’s just…nothing too upsetting. (did you read that? Best compliment evor)

Tokyo Ravens | 2/5


I can’t figure the plot out. I am very sorry. There are some magical human and some demons, that’s all I can say.

Well, a moment of silence for all the wasted potential. I don’t even know if there’s something I like in it. The idea itself it’s not bad (let’s not compare it with BroCon, zB), but everything else is. Even the characters. The animation. The fight scenes. Grr. No.

Non Non Biyori | 4.5/5


Basically, life in the countryside. Small school. Small girls.

I love this series with my entire being. I like two types of anime: the really good ones, with a smart plot and strong characters or plotless, cute stuff such as this one. And, boy, it delivers. It shows how peaceful life a the countryside can be and how much fun these four girls have. It’s even funny. And I absolutely love Renge. Stoic lolis are my soft spot. I actually like every character here. Even the random brother. I just love the series. Good.


I’ll be back soon (I hope) with the 3rd part.

Until then, you can tell me your opinion in the comment section. ^^


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