Sailor Moon Crystal impressions


  Assuming you lived under a rock until now, I will briefly present Sailor Moon to you: first magical girl anime to catch attention and become massively popular, it has originaly run between 1992 and 1997 with a total of about 200 episodes. The story revolves around 5 girls who can transform in order to fight the evil and protect the planet. They are conveniently named after planets from our solar system – Sailor Moon (I know it’s not a planet, stop it), Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. They also get help from some other characters such as a talking cat named Luna and a misterious masked guy. Blah blah.

  Back in 2012 a remake was announced as the series 20th anniversary celebration. It was scheduled for mid 2013, but ended up airing on July 5th this year.

  So was it worth the wait?

  At the moment, the series has 4 episodes out of 26. The anime is an adaptation of the original manga so you can’t expect the unexpected. It’s supposed to be just nostalgia.

And cringe.

The story is moving rather fast. 4 episodes out and we already have 3 guardians with the 4th one on the road. Great until now. As stated before, there’s nothing much to say about the plot. Same old story. But I had great expectations regarding the visuals. Especially after they delayed the release.

It’s utterly disappointing. Cringy. It’s so bad it’s funny.

The characters look like anorexia itself with spaghetti limbs.

Luna might constantly cry over her anatomy.


They also included some 3D stuff during their transformation scenes that looks so out of the context. Cheap plastic. Just…no.

Am I going to watch it? Are you going to watch it? Yes. Because of something called nostalgia.

I like to pay close attention to each episode and laugh at the artwork mistakes. Extremely entertaining.

So yeah. You can comment down below and tell me your opinion on the new series. ^^


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  2. The artwork in this show doesn’t look right. I much prefer the look of the older series.

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