Dumb anime series for a lazy summer

I’m a huge sucker for dumb anime. And by dumb anime I mean pointless, plotless slice of life, otaku oriented series so on and so forth.

So I made a list of series that I enjoyed the most and that I think are perfect for those days when it’s so hot outside your skin is melting and you don’t want to do anything else but stay inside where it’s dark and chill.

These are pretty popular series and I bet that you’ve watched at least one title from here. If so, tell me what you think. ^^

1. Genshiken


Genshiken has three seasons and two OVAs and I enjoyed them to the core. It’s a comedy centered around an otaku school club and its activities – random cosplay photo shoots, being made fun of and going to different doujinshi conventions. Really lightweight, funny and pleasing to watch. I definitely recommend watching all three seasons if you enjoyed the first one because it’s getting better and better and it’s really interesting to observe the evolution of the characters (and the evolution of the animation, lol).

2. Barakamon


One of the cutest slice of life (slices of life? slice of lifes? slice of lives? dafuq)

One of the cutest slice of life shows that I’ve watched. You’re probably gonna like it if you enjoyed Usagi Drop or Yotsuba&.

The story centers around a young calligrapher who was outlawed to a small island because he punched one of his older calligraphy mates. And there are 12 episodes of how he tries to adapt to the country lifestyle. The cutest part comes with the side characters, tho’. Naru is one of the cutest and most annoying motherfuckers ever.



Aaah, good ol’ Nichijou. I’m sure most of you watched it, it’s super popular and can be found on tons of must watch lists.

It has no plot. It’s GENIUS. Definitely the funniest series I’ve watched so far. And one of the dumbest for sure. I love it. Seriously. Watch this. You are going to laugh. Badly.

4. Non Non Biyori


I’m sure I wrote something about this before. This is another plotless slow paced series that went straight to my little mean heart. I have yet to understand why every show like this has to have at least one small annoying child in it, but, boy, Renge is da best. Another reason to watch this? Season 2 is currently airing. Hell yeah!



I reviewed this before here. And, to quote from myself, because I can – “The main dish is the lonely and socially fucked up Tomoko doing nothing but feeling like crap and having no friends, trying to improve her social life, seasoned with some excellent dark humour. On the side, a nice cup of awkward situations and, for desert, a few heart melting scenes.

I’m waiting for a second season and if I don’t get one, I’m gonna punch someone from Silver Link in the face. With a chair.

So cringe. Much funny. Very love for this series.



Whoa! Otakus! Socially awkward characters! Trans character!

It’s the story of five girls wholive in a “man-free” house and who basically avoid every kind of human interaction and have a strong fear of stylish people. That’s it until Cinderella’s fairy godmother appears as Kuranosuke – a beautiful and stylish young woman who is, in fact, a beautiful and stylish young man. Things go nicely. Amen.

7.Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou


This is, basically, Nichijou. With guys as protagonists. Not so popular as its female counterpart, it seems, but equally as good. Yes.

8.Lucky Star


Definitely the best known series in this list, Lucky Star deserves all the love and appreciation it gets. Totally random, dorky and otaku, it’s one of the series that I always go back to whenever I just want to relax for a few hours. Konata is love. Konata is life.

So, yeah. Did you guys watch these? What did you think of them?

And what are your lazy summer series? Leave a comment below and help a brother watch good stuff this summer. :3


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2 Responses to Dumb anime series for a lazy summer

  1. Nichijou is my ish. RIP hope of a season 2

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  2. thatAnimeSnob says:

    Or.. you know.. watch currently airing shows. They’re all shit anyway

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