Gosick (Tutorial on how to add unnecessary drama)


The action takes place in the early 20th century, between the great wars, in a prestigios academy from Saubure, a small made up European country. The show focuses on Victorique, a smart, lonely, gothic lolita that lives in the library and that can basically solve any mystery and her support character – Kazuya, a Japanese exchange student. The solve stuff. 


First thing first – this is a mystery/detective series. Pretty okay.

Both the animation and sound are nice and by sound I mean voicing. I’m not really a fan of OPs and EDs, since I mostly skip them. Even if I like one song, I would rather not listen to it 10 times a day. One thing I absolutely hated in this series and that I hate on most series where characters have Western names is the pronounciation. VICTORICA! No, fuck you. It’s Victorique. Reminded me of Le Portait de Petite Cossette and their COZETO. Awful.

Moving right along.

At first, I thought that the series is going to be sort of episodic – a new mystery every episode or every few. Towards the ending, tho’, seems like some of the cases they have been looking into have a major influence on the overall story.

Kazuya was close to make it on my worst supporting characters list. Apart from doing some research from time to time, all he does is spoil Victorique and think about her. Seriously. Every. Fucking. Time. Does this boy have no other interests?

Avril was a pretty decent side character. At least she remained as funny and entertaining until the final shot, taking no significant image damage.

Grevil is, by far, my favourite character in the series. Despite being his father’s dog and almost blindly following orders, deep inside he has a character of his own and…he’s actually a good, caring person. Delightful.

As for Victorique…well, our main character is a wannabe Sherlock Holmes who looks like a Rozen Maiden and has a thing for sweets. Pretty annyoing, overall, she is both the strong and the weak point of this show. I don’t understand how could she not go to classes despite being a student there. I mean, no matter how influencial her father may be, aren’t the professors supposed to do something about her?

I absolutely hated the parts of unrequired drama coming from here. Not now, Victorique. Keep your spirit for later on. I also find it funny how she could solve mysteries almost solely by newspaper articles and police reports. Ah…

Anyhow. The first part of the show was okay. Nothing out of the ordinary, average mysteries, average investigations. Towards the ending, tho’…things were going in a downward spiral, each episode being worse than the previous one.

Imho, the series should’ve stopped after the Coco Rose mystery. That’s where the downfall began. The whole “father wants to use Victorique to become Prime Minister by telling lies, mother wants to protect Victorique, Brian Roscoe did nothing but we must pretend he’s important and oh, he has a twin brother and people go to war because WW2, woo-hoo” thing was unnecessarily dramatic and unrequested for.

It might seem, for some, as an important part for the characters’ development, but WHY? It was okay as it was. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if they at least depicted the war properly. But no. The confusing part with Kazuya’s legs, the stupid shounen battle between Cordelia and the Marquis, the two Brians dead (I bet the real Brian died too), one of the Brian’s attempt to murder Victorique out of pure jealousy. These are all things that we could have done good without. Thank you.


Yes. Gosick did not have the potential to be a great series, but it sure knew how to get one of the worst endings.

I know the series is appreciated by a lot of people and I don’t want to offend anyone, but seriously…why so much unnecessary drama?


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  1. horicaz0r says:

    Victorica! ^.^


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