5 anime series that are not worth the hype

Listen, this is just me. You might be the one madly in love with these. Good for you.

There are some series that everyone talks about. They’re behind every corner. Everyone seems to be amazed by them. Sometimes I watch that stuff. Because it intrigues me. And sometimes it turns out not to be so impressive. I’m not saying these are bad series, but I don’t think they deserve the hype around them.



The series is a big combination of genres and ideas. And it turned out to be a huge mess. I couldn’t find any deep meaning in it and was bothered by all that unnecessary fanservice and ecchiness. Sure, it’s beautifully animated and visually pleasing, but, overall, it’s just a huge pile of weirdness with a poor to no explanation.

2. Clannad


I can’t understand what’s so appealing about it. It’s just a bunch of stuff to emotionally affect the viewers. They work, that’s true. But…is it really that impressive? I couldn’t find any character that I could connect to and Nagisa is just a whiny little bitch that makes EVERYTHING about her. Bleah.

3. Honey and Clover


This is one hell of a boring anime. I normally like slice of life shows and enjoy them to the core. But this? Seriously. It bored me so badly. It’s a bunch of love triangles (or any other geometrical figure with LOTS of sides) that leads to nothing. And there’s no fucking character development, even tho’ the story covers many years of their lives. I have no idea why, but I watched the second season too and it seemed to be more enjoyable. Even so, I wouldn’t recommend it right and left. Or, at all.

4. Serial Experiments Lain


This is the most confusing series I’ve ever watched. It’s even more confusing than Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. If it was meant to fuck up the viewers’ minds, well, it does a pretty good job. If it was meant to make you think…well, not so much. It made no sense. To me, at least. And, after I gave up trying to understand what’s the deal with it, it started to get me bored. I would’ve loved to try to find the deep meanings of this, but I just don’t have the necessary patience to watch this again and pay attention. What’s amazing about the series, tho’, it’s the animation and sound (or lack of it). They have a huge impact on the overall atmosphere. But that’s it.

5. The Wind Rises


Hate me all you want for saying this, but Miyazaki’s final work was boring as fuck. Apart from the extraordinary animation and sound, everything was boring, weird and not appealing. I watched this with a friend one night and felt like we wasted one hour and a half of our lives. I kind of regret watching it, being a fan of Mizayaki and Studio Ghibli and enjoying so much the other movies.

What are the series that you consider to be too popular for no reason?

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7 Responses to 5 anime series that are not worth the hype

  1. nerdultlife says:

    100% agree with you about Serial Experiments Lain. I think I’ve tried to watch it about three times now and each time get nothing out of it except a dead girl in a computer screen 0__0

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  2. ThatAnimeSnob says:

    > Monogatari

    You watched it wrong.

    > “it’s a weird mess”

    Which would be bad, if the alternatives weren’t generic highschool harems or shonen with ecchi comedy in them. But hey, you are entitled to being wrong.


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