Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – are you for real?


Ok, so. Japan wants to be a pure race and shit so they passed a law that forbids people from talking about sexual stuff in any ways. They basically have a dog collar around their necks and one around their hands so the government can find out if they are saying “lewd” words or drawing un-pure stuff. There are also some people called terrorists that oppose this regime and want their lives back to normal. These are some of our protagonists. Highschoolers, of course. How else?

I started this because of the chan. There was a thread about funny summer anime and this kept popping up so I said why not. Can’t hurt me, right?

Depending on your type of humour this can or can not be funny. I mean, sure, some shimonetainnocence taken to the extreme can get me giggling some time, but mostly what Goku is doing in Dragon Ball. Shouting penis and vagina 10 times in a row, on the other hand…not so much. The humour in this series is based on repetitive things and stuff at which I wouldn’t laugh even if I was in kindergarten. It’s 2015, penis is no longer something to laugh at unless you’re trying to make somebody cry.

Now, I have a pretty filthy mouth myself. Not necessarily in English, since this fucking language doesn’t have any proper curse words besides fuck. But my language is so god damn rich and inventive when it comes to insults. Btw, like this if you want me to take a tour of Romania’s best curse words and expressions. Trust me, it’s awesome – from the basic Fuck your mother’s dead relatives to the rarer ones such as I will drag my balls across your mother’s funeral cake or May God let his horses loose on your mother’s grave. It’s all a pleasure. Not.

Going back to Shimoneta. It had so much potential. It might not be too late, still. There are only 4 episodes out so I didn’t lose my hope yet. Maybe it will get on the right path.

But no. Letting the humour aside, I thought it was going to capture what the world without sexual education can look like. I own a tumblr, which means I am up to date with every controversy in the USA, including white republican moms against sex ed in schools. Which I think it’s bullshit. So I trusted the series and hoped that every overly-protective parent should be forced to watch it.

But it let me down.

It didn’t live up to my expectations.

It betrayed my hopes.

Episodes 1-3 were okay. Below average. Boring, I may say. And then…episode 4 happened. And let me tell you.

It’s okay to try not to be boring. But it’s not okay to try not to be boring by being shocking in the worst way possible.

May contain spoilers

Rape, sexual assault, attempted rape – they are not funny and no fucking media channel in their fucking right mind should try to depict it as funny.

And, holy fuck, I was watching this and my mom was in the room and I had to pause it before the ending because I felt like I was watching some random hentai.

J.C.Staff, are you trying to somehow educate people regarding sex? If so, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU PORTRAY HER AS HAVING A FUCKING FAUCET BETWEEN HER LEGS? That’s not how female works, you stupid dumb-asses.

The ending of episode 4 was so stupid it hurt my brain. It still hurts. I want to unsee.

May not contain spoilers from here on

I think I’ll keep watching this, but if it fails to do something productive or remains as boring and stupid as it was until now…4chan, you have deceived me once again.

And now, to quote from my lovely Mira from Dreamfall

That wasn’t just shit. That was sub-shit, a shit taken by a shit. We’re delving into the filthy nether regions of shittiness here. That was a slap in the fucking face. With a giant shit.

Thank you, Mira.

So what do you guys think about the Shimoneta-bla-bla? Does anyone else actually watch this? Just asking, since I didn’t see many talks about it outside the chan. I should get on reddit, ffs.


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6 Responses to Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – are you for real?

  1. I feel you on the lack of proper curse words in English. It reminded me of when I was trying to learn Gaelic a while back and found a good one: “Thalla gu taigh na galla” which means “Go to the house of the bitch.” I would be 100% down for a tour of Romanian curses, no joke.

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  4. that_troll_from_poli says:

    Oops… I forgot to post on this… Especially since this is the show I mostly disagree with you about. (of course after just skim reading, because TL;DR)

    > faucet between her legs

    You know damn well it’s comedic exageration.

    > don’t joke about rape it’s not funny

    1. Everything has the potential to be funny to somebody, if you joke about it.
    2. Anime is not required to (and does not) reflect real world. If rape is joked about in works of fiction, does not mean it has become acceptable in real life.

    If we ban taboo topics just because we’re uncomfortable with them, then others might raise similar concerns, about not laughing about anything even remotely offensive. Don’t joke about fat people, stereotypes, gender, age, religion, whatever. Don’t joke about anything because someone somewhere might be offended.

    Is it repetitive in many instances? Yes. But it’s still funnier than most ecchi shows, because it pushes the envelope of taboo topics (which is why I now prefer anime rather than boring western media). You might not like that, but I do, precisely because we can’t liberally joke about rape IRL, we can at least joke about here when it comes to Shimoneta.

    Now, I know I’ve ranted more that you are entitled to your own opinion, but this opinion is wrong :)) . Also, #sorrynotsorry for the longer than usual comment. It was of


    • that_troll_from_poli says:

      “It was of” – I lost interest and submitted the comment mid-writing it. And of course I can’t edit since it’s a throwaway account. C’est la vie.


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