Anime Challenge Day 1 – Very first anime you watched

So, I have decided to start the 30 days anime challenge mostly because I need a motivation to post everyday. But also because it seems to be really fun. I will try as much as I can to follow the schedule and post every fucking day, even if my agenda…scratch that. There’s none.


The very first anime you watched

Like most of the kids in my country / area, of course I watched Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. But I wouldn’t put it this way, since I had no idea what anime was and sometimes I would even skip some episodes if my video games were challenging that day. Thus, I will go with the first series that I watched knowing the term of anime and anxiously waiting for the next episode: Inuyasha.


Coooome on. Who did not watch Inuyasha as a kid? It was fucking awesome. I gave me the giggles and the tears and the feels and everything else because I was a kid and it was magical. For a period of time, my whole world revolved around it. I was talking about it to whoever would listen to me. Or would not. I still go back to it from time to time whenever I feel nostalgic and all that jizz.

Even now I find myself thanking the girl who got me into watching it. In the end, I was the one who got mesmerized by the wonderful world of anime and developed a passion for it. I highly doubt she finished watching it and, for sure, she didn’t watch anything else. Thank you, Simona. We haven’t talked in many years, but it was the greatest thing that you have done for me.

That’s it for day 1. See you tomorrow for my favourite animu evooor.



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5 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 1 – Very first anime you watched

  1. Adrian says:

    My first was Ghost in the Shell. When I knew the term anime. Otherwise, it was Sailor Moon


  2. My first anime ever was bleach! Just absolutely love bleach! Who’s ur fav bleach character?


  3. I can’t remember my first anime as I am old. Perhaps it was Voltron?


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