Anime Challenge Day 4 – Favourite female anime character ever

And that was it for keeping on track. I was completely sure I wasn’t going to make it. I was proved right once again. It’s so hard to know everything…

Moving right along…

Favourite female anime character evooor

I was about to go for Nana Osaki for this one, because I was madly in love with her at some point in life. But she has some features that I don’t like, such as being stupid and emotionally fucked up. And I remembered this gem.


Faye Valentine

Faye fascinated me when I was little. I’ve first watched Cowboy Bebop when I was about 12 or 13 and it wasn’t so appealing back then. But, boy, Faye was amazing.

First of all, she’s a bitch. Second, she’s a tough bitch. And a sarcastic asshole. And I love her. It’s true that she caused so much trouble to Spike and Jet by being the fuck up that she is, but…she’s a strong woman and a great character.

It’s useless to make a flawless character. And it’s worse when flaws are actually portrayed as positive features (exactly what I was saying about Nana Osaki). But that’s not the case for Faye. And that may also be the reason for which she gets so much hate. But, seriously now.

She had it tough. Being put in a cryogenic sleep for 50 something years – man, I would love to look like her when I’m 70, which I’ll probably never be – falling in love with someone that leaves all his debt to you and fakes his death…that’s a lot. So she became a bitch that lies, steals and gambles in order to live. Such a pretty, careless life. Not.

I like her for her urge to survive. I like her for not giving up and trying to take advantage of any possibility. I like her for being strong.

And also because she’s hot.


Good game, Faye. Good game.

 So, guys. Who is YOUR favourite female anime character ever?


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3 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 4 – Favourite female anime character ever

  1. Kausus says:

    Ahhh Faye. She knows what she wants and doesn’t let anything get in her way. Awesome, awesome! : 3

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  2. My pick would be Kurisu Makise from Steins;Gate. She’s cute and intelligent.

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