Anime Challenge Day 5 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

Day 5 is here. At first I was like ‘dayum, my taste is flawless, ofc I only enjoyed awesome series’. But then I remembered there’s this.

Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed


Peach Girl

Let me tell you. I have no idea why exactly I picked it up – I think I remember Michelle Phan talking about it or smth. Anywhore, I watched it a few years ago, probably 2009 or so. And I enjoyed it, even if I thought it was crap. It is.

This is basically a romance centered around a love triangle. It feels like a Spanish soap opera. You are supposed to sympathize with Momo, the main character, because her appearance makes people believe she’s a skank. But you can’t really do this, because she’s annoying and sometimes makes no sense.

Then, there are these 2 guys – her boyfriend, who is a complete dumb-ass with no idea on how to life and how to romantic relationship and the popular guy who is a player but he somehow ends up following her around and she somehow ends up switching between guys.

The story is, basically, I love this guy, but I’m gonna go for the other one because we need plot twists. 

And, boy, the amount of unnecessary drama! This entire show is like drama, drama, more pointless drama and drama that leads to nothing, in the end.


Relatable characters? Nope.

Interesting plot? Nope.

Amazing visuals? Nope.

Character development? Slightly.

Interesting action? Nah-ah.

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. Don’t ask me why.

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2 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 5 – Anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Never heard of this one. Most of my guilty pleasure shows are animes with copious amounts of fan service such as Burn Up Excess.


  2. mochirochi says:

    I feel like this would enrage me, but I might still keep watching to see what happens next lol.


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