Anime Challenge Day 8 – Favourite anime couple

Oh, love. Something the anime industry does not lack. And while there are tons of couples, almost couples and OTPs, most of them are thrash and just annoy the hell out of me by portraying that pure and innocent love from fairy tales. Most of the time, the girl is the one madly falling in love with the school’s most popular guy and bullshit like that. But there’s the other end of the rope, where cool and fun couples are.

Favourite anime couple


Stand back, Kimi ni Todoke. Go away, Bokura ga Ita. Make room for Risa and Otani from Lovely Complex!

Having seen this a looong time ago (probably 2008 or so), I don’t remember details about the plot or whatever. But Risa and Otani crawled to the surface of my mind just as I read today’s challenge, so that is something.

I like them because they are not the average couple. Otani is not the most popular guy in school and Risa is not the shy, delicate and silent girl trying to make friends. They’re quite the opposite. Otani is way too short for a guy his age and Risa seems a clumsy giraffe. And they are so funny and so cute together! Their magic lies in their ability to make everything work and get a laugh out of every situation.

As someone taller than her boyfriend (but he will never admit that’s true), I know perfectly why Risa feels like an elephant in a china shop. As for Otani…well, I’ve never been short, but I can imagine it’s pretty frustrating not being able to reach stuff.

But yeah. They’re wonderful together and they gave me a good giggle. ^^

Absolutely adorable.

So who is your favourite anime couple?


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3 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 8 – Favourite anime couple

  1. miharusshi says:

    Lovely Complex is my all-time favorite shoujo anime and the biggest reason is the main couple. They’re so entertaining I don’t even remember not laughing in any episode.

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