Anime Challenge Day 9 – Best anime villain

This, sir, is a total bullshit because the anime industry has so many great villains and all of them are awesome in their own unique way.

This shit is too hard to accomplish.


Best anime villain

While there are bad guys like Vicious from Cowboy Bebop (or even my favourite, Mad Pierrot), Millennium Earl from D.Gray-man, Light Yagami from Death Note or Vegeta from Dragon Ball, I’m gonna pick the most annoying anime villain I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch.


Fucking Naraku

He might not be the evillest of the evil or the strongest one on this never ending list, but he is, for sure, the biggest asshole.

His goal is to gather all the pieces of that stupid crystal, right? While most of the villains would just go fight, kill and slaughter, Naraku will make sure he’s toying with you enough to make you go crazy.

Oh, I’m not just gonna kill you, I’m gonna make you bleed to death. I’m gonna make your little brother kill your entire family. I’m gonna make you and your girlfriend hate each other. I’m just gonna multiply so you get to defeat me every 10 episodes just to end up feeling like shit because you didn’t accomplish anything. And I’m also going to conveniently disappear right before that last blow because, heck, what would you do without me for the next 173 episodes?

Naraku has to be one of the most manipulative villains out there and one of the greatest. Inuyasha wouldn’t have been so entertaining without someone like him.


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3 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 9 – Best anime villain

  1. miharusshi says:

    Holy molly, you just made Inu Yasha sound so good. I still haven’t watched the series and this might be a good reason not to ignore it forever.

    Liked by 1 person

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