Go home, Toei, you’re drunk

Remember the awful job Toei did with Sailor Moon Crystal? Well, prepare yourselves, because they strike once again with Dragon Ball Super.


I am Sun Guko, the supa sayin who has gathered the dragun bollos

This shit right here is so hard to watch. Honestly. X D

I’m just wondering why. Do they not have money? I highly doubt it. Are their men simply so bad at this? What’s wrong? Maybe they just want to mess with our childhood. That may be the answer.

Did they make anything as of late that looked decent and was not just a slap in the face for viewers? I highly doubt it.

I’m wondering what’s going on in their heads.

Mmm, yes. We should do something that looks good. But wait. What if we do this now, but won’t feel like doing it for the next project too? People might get used to good animation and we do not want that now, do we?

Listen to me. This is hilariously bad. I don’t even feel offended. Just…look at this.


Ugh, me hed hurtsu

I’m curious about what and when will the Toei curse hit next.

Btw, I found a gem.


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10 Responses to Go home, Toei, you’re drunk

  1. librarian25 says:

    I’m surprised they decided to not give a shit on one of THE most important episode for nearly all fans. The one before it looked top notch with pilaf and those sexy thick outlines on close-ups…….and then we get this. Why couldn’t you be a good greedy company and just copy and paste the battle of gods animation in the episode? I just hope who ever drew this episode is put on another project, actually no, I take that back. A high schooler could do a better job than him, Toei- lay him off, pay for his college, and make him go back to school.

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  2. LOL. The artwork looks like something a fan would draw on paint. How can Toei do such a bad job when the series makes oodles of cash?

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  3. I’m glad OneyNG finally got on that Dragonball Pee Pee sequel.

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  5. miharusshi says:

    As has been the case with their Sailor Moon disaster, one thing that caused this (a.k.a. piss-poor animation), or so I’ve heard, is that Toei is doing bazillions of show simultaneously. Their animators, then, must have their hands full with pending key and in-between frames to draw at Mach 20. Who bothers to even re-draw ’em?

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    • Ruki says:

      The no money excuse was better, imho. I mean, it would be somehow less insulting to the fans. How greedy can you be to get so many shows for the money and basically shit on the quality of all of them just because? Fu, Toei. Fu.


      • miharusshi says:

        Bad drawings in any anime don’t always mean there’s been less budget for that project. And there’s also the managerial/production aspect of making anime that shouldn’t be overlooked–like how they schedule their tasks and how the workload gets divided and designated to the staff, etc.

        It’s actually a lot more complicated behind the scenes than the studio just having no money for it. After all, money is already a huge prerequisite for making anime.


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