Anime Challenge Day 15 – Favourite animal sidekick, pet or summoning from any anime

Woo-hoo. Is half of the challenge done already? Well looks like it iiis. :3

And it’s also pet appreciation day. I love pets. All kind of pets. Pets are nice and must be protected at all costs.

As for today’s featured animal, I wanted to go with Sadaharu, from Gintama, but that would be cheating, since I didn’t watch the anime, but only read the manga. That giant pain in the ass dog is awesome, though. Thumbs up, Sadaharu. You are a cutie.

Instead, I will go for…*drum rolls*



This asshole cat is amazing.

“Respect your elders.” – Sakamoto

He’s a sarcastic, lazy, airhead little bitch. Above all this, he can talk. How can you not love him?

Besides, he has this superior attitude like he’s the oldest and wisest and the most grown-up thing in that house. Guess what? YOU’RE A CAT, SAKAMOTO. Deal with it.

Look at this fucking cat being a cat.

Sakamoto delivers. I have to give him that. And he’s an important part of the household, despite being a cat. I mean, just in case that house wasn’t weird enough with a child professor and a way too human robot that is bothered she’s too much of a robot, they somehow end up adopting a cat with a superiority complex that can talk.



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