Anime Challenge Day 16 – Anime with the best animation

Pff, another easy one.


The garden of words

This is by far the most awesomely animated movie. This and 5 centimeters per second. Both produced by CoMix Wave Inc.

Now, the story itself isn’t much. It’s okay, it’s good, enjoyable, but nothing special. The animation, on the other side…stunning.

Although it did seem a bit tiring at times, watching all that perfection on my big ass screen.

But, undoubtedly, awesome.

10/10 would want more.

giphy (1)


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2 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 16 – Anime with the best animation

  1. YahariBento says:

    I think it’s not easy to make water drop animation like the real water drop. I mean, the way they flow slowly.
    I want Shinkai-san to make adult story anime like this again.

    The Garden of Words really made me feel so many emotions. The most stunning and the best animation film in the world in my opinion. The music while watching this movie. And many thoughts in this film. Let proceed to that garden and see you will feel the same emotions like me or not.…

    Warning: this review is very long. Please proceed when you are not busy.

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