Series that gracefully destroy the high-school cliché

My fucking laptop decided to suddenly shut down before I finished writing this article WITHOUT AUTOMATICALLY SAVING MY DRAFT, FUTU-ŢI DUMNEZEII MĂ-TII DE ROG.

Moving right along.

As a slice of life lover I get so frustrated by the lack of diversity in the characters of this genre. High-school characters. High-school oriented plot. It’s fucking high-school everywhere.

So I’m always looking for series with grown up characters that do something else other than chat with high-school people.

The following titles are work-related, which is awesome because they motivate me to go to my shitty job every night. Way to go, buddies.

Note: I don’t think these series are shown in any particular order.



Bartender is an episodic series centered around, guess what, a bartender. Not only he’s a bartender, but he’s an awesomely good one. He knows just what to serve to his clients by listening to their stories and analyzing their mood. There’s also plenty of information about alcohol and cocktails, which is really nice for me, especially since I like to mess with the bottles from time to time.

Hataraki Man


This one centers around 28 y/o Hiroko who works as a journalist for a news magazine. She’s an workaholic who smokes to much, sleeps to little and has no personal life. She’s constantly trying to find a balance between her work life and her personal life (more like lack of it) and also romance and sex, if possible.

It’s not possible. Not for you, Hiroko. I’m sorry, but your case is desperate.

Servant x Service


I think it was hard to come up with a plot for this one, so they just decided to go for a girl who wants to take revenge on a public servant who allowed her parents to give her a dozen of names. So she becomes a public servant herself. The series simply presents the day to day work life of a weird group of public servants who have a bunny as their director. Yes. It’s magical. I have no idea why I fell in love with it. Might be the OP, tho’, which is the catchiest I’ve ever seen. And this comes from a person who doesn’t give a fuck about OPs and EDs generally. Listen to it. X D



I just currently watched the series and I regret not doing so earlier, because it’s awesome. It’s basically centered around the work behind anime production. From choosing the voice actors to coping with incredibly tight schedules and deadlines, the Musashino Animation team do their best to produce high quality series. Even if the main characters are all newbs. This is not a review, but more of a watch this, it’s worth it post, so I won’t talk about Shirobako too much. But watch this, it’s worth it. ^^

What other series that can satisfy my not so exigent taste would you recommend? ^___^

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4 Responses to Series that gracefully destroy the high-school cliché

  1. If this post taught me anything its that Romanian curse words are fuckin’ hype as shit.

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  2. Ruki says:

    Who summoned you here, swagysmal?
    Welcome back among the living.
    I promised I’d do a post on Romanian curse words. And I will. Prepare your body for that.


  3. ThatAnimeSnob says:

    What do you have a ROG for? Playing LoL and complaining about anime on a blog?

    Smart investment.


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