Anime Challenge Day 22 – Favourite weapon, gear or armor used in an anime

Can I pick another character for this one, too?




Soul Eater has come up with one of the greatest ideas when it comes to weapons. People. That are weapons. How smart is this?

Soul is nice. Of course, Maka deserves part of the credit for that, but he, himself, is nice.

And not only as a weapon. I like how much of a slacker he is in his free time, but he’s also dead serious when it comes to dead serious matters. And he might not be as cool and awesome as Black Star, but he’s a weapon, after all.

He and Maka make a great pair and I like the idea of weapons evolving based mostly on their human form. And also the fact that they have to constantly work on their relationship so they can be stronger together. That’s what I call friendship!

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