Short guide to Romanian curse words

Right. This has nothing to do with anime, manga or anything otaku, but I said that I will introduce you, guys, to the vast world of Romanian curse words.

Being born and raised in a country with such a rich vocabulary, I sometimes find it hard to curse in…let’s say English. Because there’s nothing much outside fuck and suck my dick.


This is going to be highly explicit content, so if you’re bothered by it…damn, you such a pussy.

Let’s just say I’m gonna do this for fun. Because it’s really funny to try and translate literally, word by word, expression, fixed phrases and other dumb shit that’s particular to one language.

What you have to know is that most of the Romanian curse words are expressed in some sort of colloquial conditional. Because the grammar is different, Romanian doesn’t ask for a direct object all the time. So it’s gonna be weird for you to understand. But.

Among the most common curse words there are as follows:

tumblr_mous7iXK1Y1rcvs63o1_500băga-mi-aş pula – roughly translated to “I would stick my dick in”. It doesn’t say what. It’s some sort of Romanian fuck. Only more explicit. The hearer can usually deduct what’s wrong.

pula mea – approaches the meaning of fuck, but it’s translated to “my dick”. Just that. It’s often used to express dissatisfaction, but can also be used when you have no answer to a question.

-So how was your exam today?

-Pula mea…

Of course, this includes variations such as sugi pula – which conveniently translates to “suck the dick”. Keep that in mind. Not my, but the. This comes in handy when it would be to your disadvantage if that person was to suck your dick. Really helpful this one.

There’s also common stuff revolving around motherly figures: futu-ţi morţii mă-tii (fuck your mother’s   dead relatives), futu-ţi pizda mă-tii (fuck your mother’s cunt – mainly used by old people), futu-ţi dumnezeul mă-tii (fuck your mother’s god) so on and so forth. Mother is generally paired with neck, cross, onion, child. Other variations may include să-mi bag pula-n mă-ta (I would stick my dick in your mom) and s-o fut în cur pe mă-ta (I would fuck your mom in the ass).

The most creative profanities are not so commonly used because 1. they’re generally too long and 2. because they’re really really awful and…bad.

Like târâ-mi-aş ouăle pe coliva mă-tii din bomboană în bomboană (I would drag my ball181s
on your mother’s funeral cake from candy to candy) or slobozi-şi-ar dumnezeu caii pe
mormântul mă-tii 
(May god let his horses loose on your mother’s grave) or usca-mi-aş chiloţii pe crucea mă-tii (I would airdry my panties on your mother’s funeral stone – it’s a cross in Romania).

There are certainly way more profanities. This was just some sort of…sneak peak. You should definitely see the ones for angry drivers (among my favourites – mişcă-te mai repede, că asta calcă, nu fute – move faster, this one runs you over, doesn’t fuck you).

After all, it’s said that you know you’re Romanian if you can curse for 30 minutes straight without repeating yourself.

Gotta love my awesome country. ^___^


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