Anime Challenge Day 24&25 – Moment that shocked you the most in any anime / Saddest anime death

I figured it’s not gonna be a problem if I just combine these two since I don’t want to cover the same stuff twice. Pointless.

This could have also went with the saddest anime scene, but, even though Setsuko’s death was fucked up and heart wrecking, it was also to be expected.

Warning! Spoiler alert.

The moment that shocked me the most and that made me cry like a little bitch was realizing that Yuuki actually died. Of course, I’m talking about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.


This is one of the series that really made me cry my eyes out. Like that ugly cry with mucus and saliva. Yeah, no.

It was pretty boring, at first, but I was in that specific period of time when I wouldn’t stop watching a series, even if I didn’t like it. I just wanted to SEE ALL THE ANIME.

Anyhow, I’m so fucking glad I didn’t drop it. While the story is moving rather slowly, the ending is…priceless.

There are those two children right? Siblings. Then the earthquake comes. Then they try to make it home in one piece. There’s…actually nothing much going on. At least it seemed so.

Yuuki is that one character that got on my nerves from the first time. I genuinely dislike children and Yuuki is so well portrayed I wanted to punch him in the face and project him up to his mamma’s house.

…but he gets to grow on you. And he gets to cope with the situation and grow up and help others…and then he dies.

But it’s not the fact that he dies, no. It’s the way he fucking dies! How could you do this to me and my feelings, Bones? I heichu will all my heart.

I realized he is dead a few minutes before Mirai did and I just wanted to yell so badly I could reach to her. That was, in fact, one of the most powerful scenes in the anime industry. For me, at least.

Gosh, you really need to see Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

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5 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 24&25 – Moment that shocked you the most in any anime / Saddest anime death

  1. sebbo12 says:


    Yeah I damn near cried when I realised yuki died. The way she dealt with it was done so well too!
    I mean it was so ruthless… right after they finally became close to each other and had a nice little dynamic going and it was all nice to watch them hang out and stuff D: . Ugh. Thanks a lot xD . I was wondering what I could do for the ‘moment that shocked me most’ part of my 30 day anime challenge – you don’t mind if I copy you do you 😛 ?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ThatAnimeSnob says:

    I bet you’ll love Grave of the Fireflies.

    (If you haven’t seen it already)

    Liked by 1 person

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