Anime Challenge Day 26 – Best anime fight

I got back from my parents’ house and I began slacking off, as usually. Which means not only one day day, but two. As expected from the biggest procrastinator, Rukifer the Lazy.

Today I have to pick the best anime fight. And this is a hard thing to do. Don’t that’s what she said me, I’m gonna cut ya.

Anyhow, the first thing that came into my mind was Yusuke vs Toguro. And I’m gonna go with it.

maxresdefault (1)

Yeah, I know that Goku vs Frieza was awesome, same with Spike vs Vicious, but we’re talking about the greatness that Yu Yu Hakusho is.

And this one, particularly, is one hell of an hour long battle spiced with tension, fear, doubt and, in the end, evolution.

I mean, can you imagine how fucking tough Toguro must have been if it took a Reigan to take his glasses off? And now think about how powerful Yusuke must have been / became if he got to defeat him.

Team Toguro were the main antagonists of the Dark Tournament saga. Basically, young Toguro was the final boss. It was expected to be the greatest fight in the series. And it’s also my all time favourite. Probably because of the fascination I had for the series when I was a kid.

I’m going to nostalgia for a bit now.




Kback. Yes. Yusuke vs Toguro. Best anime fight until now. And probably for a long time. ^^

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2 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 26 – Best anime fight

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    It’s not right to hit someone wearing glasses.

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