UPDATE: I’m not dead / On vacation / Webstock 2015

Ok, so. As some of you may have noticed, I was kinda absent in the blogosphere for more than a week, I think. It might have been closer to two weeks, but I don’t want to think about it. This is an update post, so I can keep you up to date with stuff that you don’t have to be up to date with.

Moria-san and I finally got to leave on our long awaited vacation at the beach. I’m currently at the beach. Well, not on the beach since I don’t want any nasty asshole sand on my precious laptop. And also because it kinda looks like this.

WP_001181Disappointment. It’s been like this for the whole week. So our beloved beach vacation turned out to be just staying inside, watching anime and House M.D., gaming and eating like gluttonous pigs. Yay.

Also, one week before coming here, I came down with what’s commonly known as the hahah, bitch, you’re not gonna have any fun at the seaside disease. It’s also known as a fucking cold. So I had to stay in bed with a mild fever and a running nose. Two times yay.

As for the good news, I’m an accredited blogger at Webstock 2015. How cool is this? The site will probably not help many of you, since it’s all Romanian and I didn’t even check if you can change the language. But that’s okay. Webstock is basically a blogging / social media conference with lots of famous bloggers and speakers and trainers and social media specialists. So it’s gonna be nice. I have no idea how they got me the chance to participate, but I won’t complain. I’M GONNA MAKE THOSE POPULAR WELL PAID BLOGGERS BE AWARE OF ANIBLOGGING. Or not, but I’m gonna try anyway. So wish me luck with that. ^__^

Tomorrow I’m getting back to Bucharest so I’ll resume to my regular writing. The 30 days anime challenge will be done in no time, probably because I will do some shady stuff and get a 3 in 1 post so I can finish it at once, although the last days are the harshest for me. Hopefully, after that, I will get to write more reviews and other fun stuff. (such as digging into that giant pile of nomination posts -_-)

Another huge thing for me is that I’m trying to change jobs. And I have my last interview for this particular job on Monday. Wish me luck again, please. I need all the luck in the world. The good part is, if I get this job, I will finally have a human-like schedule and will probably be more productive concerning this blog too. :3

Yeah, this is basically it. As I said, tomorrow I’ll be home, so EXPECT SOME MORE OF ME SOON.

Btw, I finally got around and watched Joshiraku. This is the king of breaking the 4th wall. Review incoming.

Hope you’ve been well. ^___^


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2 Responses to UPDATE: I’m not dead / On vacation / Webstock 2015

  1. Kausus says:

    Congrats on being accredited! 😀 We should celebrate by feasting and having ludicrous amounts of confetti to throw around.


  2. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with eating like gluttonous pigs XD Thanks for your update, congrats on the nominations and being accredited, and best of luck for getting that other job!
    *rubs hands in a manner of concentration, showers you with air luck*


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