Anime Challenge Day 28 – Favourite quote from any anime character

Oh, god, please, let me finish this challenge.

Trivia time: Romanian has a rather racist expression that goes like “to drown like the gipsy at the shore (a te îneca ca ţiganul la mal) – which basically means going all good and then failing right before the finish line. And that’s what I did with this challenge. Trivia time over.

Moving right along.


I’m not the kind of person to keep in mind quotes and lines and stuff like that, especially from anime. But I remember some stuff from Nana because the series had a lot of sad and emotional moments, idk.

I have no idea what episode this was from, but I remember the discussion about loneliness between Nana and Yasu. And that’s when Yasu said

“Being alone and being lonely are two different things.”

And I couldn’t agree more. As someone who likes being alone, I can tell you that feeling lonely is one of the worst things ever. And it seems like Yasu knows that.


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  1. Very nice. Such a powerful and true quote.

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