Anime Challenge Day 29 – An anime you wish was real

There is only one appropriate answer to this question and that is Pokemon.


I mean, why wouldn’t anyone like Pokemon to be real? There is no downside to it. This clearly the most peaceful series that actually brings something new to the world (there are also peaceful slice of life shows that do…nothing).

And imagine having all those pokemons around. Is there anything better than cute pets? I love pets. I love animals. I wouldn’t mind having a Snorlax randomly lazing around. And they don’t do anything bad. They don’t start wars, they don’t build weird mecha equipment to take over the world. They just want to live a peaceful life and be loved or left alone.

I really can’t think of anything better suited than Pokemon for today.

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8 Responses to Anime Challenge Day 29 – An anime you wish was real

  1. Tyler Junky says:

    Lucky Star so I can marry Konata. Now follow my blog since I gave enough of a shit to follow yours


  2. Yes omg yes! I want to walk right under that drooling Weepinbell and cry at the reality :’)


  3. thatbakakid says:

    YASS!! I would love for Pokemon to be real because it would be so freaking cool to become a Pokemon trainer hahaha. I would want a Pikachu, a Pancham, and Xerneas! ^_^ Then again, if there was an anime I wish was real then I would want it to be Gun Gale Online!! As a hardcore gamer obsessed with FPS (first person shooter) games, GGO is the one for me!!

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