Why I generally dislike romance anime


All right, guys. IT’S RANT TIME.

I just finished watching Denki-Gai no Honya-san, which is a hit and miss comedy and I don’t feel like it’s worth reviewing. Long story short – if you’re into slice of life/comedy/otaku culture, it’s worth a shot. But if you’re expecting something really good, you will probably be disappointed. It’s got repetitive jokes that get old by the fifth episode and, while I had fun watching it (I’ve seen it in two sittings, basically), I wouldn’t go around telling how awesome it was.

Anywhore, while watching Denki-Gai no Penis-san, I got frustrated. They tried to mix in some romance and failed terribly. And I realized that’s the romance most series portray.

Innocent, pure, forever-lasting love.

Give me a fucking break, please.

I’m tired of watching series like that. Of course, there are the cool ones like Lovely Complex that are funny and cute and well written. But then there are the shitty romances like Clannad and you name what.

What I’m trying to say is: when I watch a romance series I’m looking for romance and all that it normally comes with it. From the awkward bad jokes at first to sex and fights.

Especially if the characters are ADULTS.QFafjM7

Let’s just stop pretending that Japan is such a pure country, shall we? Look
for Japanese porn on efukt. Actually, don’t. I don’t want you to melt your brains.

And so I’m going back to Denki-Gai. The characters are adults, right? Then why the fuck would you have them acting like grade-schoolers? I mean, look at all that ecchi.

“Oh, no, I can’t ask him to pat my head, even tho’ I’m drunk. I’m going too far.”

It’s funny how they actually managed to portray so well the tension between the characters. I mean, they got me to the point where I just wanted to see Sommelier fucking the brains out of Fuga. (I admit, it’s also because he’s so big and she’s so small. Now THAT was something that would have got me giggling)

BUT NO. Let’s just be pure and shy and don’t do a thing BECAUSE THAT’S HOW ADULTS ACT.

parakiss6_06Honestly, is it too much to ask for a realistic romance? Take Paradise Kiss, it was awesome. A bit crazy, but awesome. Same with Nana, even if this fucking show will probably never get an ending. This is why I love Ai Yazawa and her romance.


Rant time over. It might have been just frustration from Denki-Gai no Balls to do Something, but shit, man, I just want a nice, realistic, slice of life/romance show.

Any recommendations?

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9 Responses to Why I generally dislike romance anime

  1. nerdultlife says:

    YES. I have this problem all the time when it comes to romance anime. It’s like they hoard all the good romance in manga and only let the innocent, first love-only love shitty ones become anime lol. If someone does recommend you something good make sure to let us know xD

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  2. Yoki says:

    Toradora?Ore Monogatari?And for me I’d say Shakugan no Shana,I really like the show.


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  5. mirrorpurple says:

    You need a bit of sugar and spice in your life

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  6. So true. Spice and Wolf interestingly has a very well done romance. I liked Love Com a lot so maybe I can rec Kamisama Kiss (tho I’d rec the manga due to the time travel arc) tho it is a little innocent. However the female lead thankfully voices her feelings and doesn’t hold them in like an idiot lol.
    Ao Haru Ride was pretty good and I honestly would rec the live action film.
    Escaflowne had a nice romance subplot that was focused on the growth it takes for a person to realize true love for another. And this wasn’t the main plot.
    Skip Beat is finally wrapping up and the romance is fantastic.
    Heroine Disqualified makes fun of all the tropes you hate in that the MC believes she is the heroine of her own romcom but reality backslaps her. It was really funny and I liked it. I strongly rec the live action (it’s subbed)
    I heard that MARS and Kimi wa Petto had mature romances tho the latter is silly tho these are only either manga/drama adaptations

    If you ever find the time, I highly rec trying out some live action adaptations. A lot of them are really good.

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