Review: Himouto! Umaru-chan


I just finished watching Himouto! Umaru-chan. I was so mad I had to go play Diablo for an hour so that I could calm down. This might be pretty long, but bear with me. I’m very intersting.

Warning: spoiler alert

I honestly didn’t like the show at first. It seemed just another OreImo, with one of those main characters that simply piss you off no matter what they’re doing. Like…breathing and casting a shadow.

It somehow got to grow on me, tho’. I realised Umaru is waaay more likeable than Kirino and Taihei was not as dumb as I thought he would be.

Intro time over.

Himouto! Umaru-chan is a slice of life centered around Umaru (an otaku in the closet) 18and her older brother, Taihei. Now, Umaru is a two faced bitch (three faced, as seen later) , a spoiled little brat that acts oh, so might, in the society, but becomes a despicable lazyass at home, taking advantage of her brother’s lack of will and character.

This is basically it for the plot. I’m a sucker for anything slice of life/otaku culture/comedy. This is my favourite combination of genres. And it was actually nice.

It’s a visually pleasing show. The animation is on the spot and the art style falls on the moe side. You know, a little bit of normal, a little bit of moe, some chibi and, of course, what would a show be without fan service? Ebina-chan has awesome boobs, have to admit. Gonna google some of that.

Most of this show’s comedy comes from the visuals. The chibi Umaru and some other little stuff, that is. The situations are not as funny as they were supposed to be, but the show does the trick overall. It’s a nice piece to relax on.

Getting to the rant part

One of the things that I especially wanted to mention is that COLA DOESN’T WASH SWEET STUFF, BUT THE SOUR ONES, STUPID BRAT. This is about the moment when Umaru claimed that the perfect combination was chips -> chocolate -> cola. No. Do not do that. It’s chocolate -> chips -> cola. Elementary, dear Umaru.tumblr_nsqpdy2AfR1s6sltno2_500

The second major thing that I hated about this series was the ending. Honestly. It was terrible. Disappointing. The only acceptable circumstance for it would be the fact that they’re gonna do another season.

I was expecting everything to fall in place. I wanted Umaru to admit to her friends that she’s the geeky, hamsterish thing they’ve seen. I wanted a meet-up with all of them, when they realise how much of a coincidence their relationships are.

But no. Let’s just pretend that Bomber would not recognize his own fucking sister. Let’s
have Sykphyn’s brother not appear in the fucking picture. Let’s keep
pretending that everyone believes Umaru has another sister. Let’s just take this series, shit on it, put it on the big screen and admire it.

God, I’m so mad.

I will only add the fact that chibi Umaru is the only Umaru I approve of. Umarun and UMR are crappy and boring.

Also, Sylphyn. Sylphyn was good. I liked pUUn3A6Sylphyn.

Hated Ebina.

Kirie was okay, but slightly annoying.

Taihei was acceptable at most.

I call dibs on Bomber.

And that’s about it. Sorry it was a shitlong post. Did you enjoy the series? Why? Why not?

(Gee. It feels like I’m writing some sort of crappy job interview -_-)


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5 Responses to Review: Himouto! Umaru-chan

  1. Row says:

    I remember when I started watching this, it only has 5 episodes I think, then I started to marathon it. Maybe I should have just waited for it to finish, because I have to wait for like a week for a new episode to be aired. I somewhat agree with you, Umaru shouldn’t fake her personality. For me, I enjoyed the series, I haven’t finished it though but I’ll finish it if I have the time.
    Also, you got nominated :D:


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  3. I just watched this show in the last two days. And yes, I read your review before watching it. Maybe because of that I was prepared for the ending, I’m not sure. I was still slightly disappointed (I mean really, how stupid does Bomber have to be to not recognize his sister just because of a barely different hairstyle?), but to be honest I didn’t expect a big reveal anyway for Umaru. This is the kind of show where you get all the way to the end and pretty much nothing changes. I’ve seen a bunch of shows like that, where misunderstandings get carried all the way through to the end without a reveal, so I’m not too surprised. I think if they were going to reveal Umaru’s true personality to her friends, then they would have led into that a little more and not sprung it in the last episode. It’s possible that a second season will resolve the issue, and of course I want that to happen. I mean she could at least tell Sylphyn considering they like the same stuff anyway. Her friends don’t even seem very judgmental, so I’m not sure what difference it would make to her (unlike in OreImo where Kirino’s school friends are so against anime that it’s frightening). Anyway, yeah it wasn’t the ending I was hoping for, but it was pretty much what I was expecting.

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  4. Zenith says:

    I want to read this really badly because I think I’m going to agree with you, already! But I need to finish the anime first. I bet I share the frustration haha


  5. that_troll_from_poli says:

    If I had a sister like Umaru or Kirino (Oreimo) I would kill them in their sleep. Actually no, I want them awake, so I can see them despair the same way I did enduring a bunch of annoying episodes before dropping them.

    Totally not a psycho.


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