Summer season final impressions

Alright, guys. Summer is over. I can call a friend that is a specialist in summer so he can confirm.

Also, all of the series that I picked for this season are over. All…3 of them? 4? Whatever.

It was kind of a disappointing season for me. I mean, there were not too many titles that caught my eye. But, anywhore. Let’s see what we got.



This might have been my favourite series this summer, idk. It’s something along the lines of Black Lagoon (tho’ it didn’t match to it). The action happens in a city called Ergastulum, which is populated both by normals and tags – people with super human physical strength. The main characters are Nic (tag), Worick (normal) and Alex (prostitute). Best trio ever. Now. I highly enjoyed this. It had (has?) so much potential and it’s so interesting – like…all the characters are intriguing.

But. Most of the time, it looked like crap. I wonder why, since it had not been produced by Toei (haha, see what I did there? I’m so funneh.) Even so, it was still awesome. The second but: the ending was shit. It was not an ending. It was not a cliffhanger. It was just a normal episode, feeling as if the next one was going to air the next week. Absolutely horrible. I honestly hope for a second season soon. 

I wanted more background for the characters. I want to know their whole past – from relationships to what they had for dinner. Is it too much to ask?

Himouto! Umaru-chan


I’m not gonna talk about it too much now. I have written a review (?) here and I think that’s enough. Long story short, I enjoyed it up until the ending which was, once again, complete bullshit. But it’s probably my next favourite after Gangsta.

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

(copypasta, bitch)


Once again, I talked about it before right here. My impressions has not changed that much. It got a little better, they mostly stopped with the outrageous rape jokes, but their humour was still repetitive as fuck and the story did not develop to live at its full potential. It has amazing visuals, tho’, and, if you’re into ecchi and you laugh at the word penis, this one’s for you. It’s rated 4 on anime-planet. People are insane. Not judging, tho’. (totally judging)


[Mori] Wakako-zake - 01 [C190060B].mkv_snapshot_[00_01_04]_2015-07-06-01h05m09s638

This one is a short. Nothing too interesting here. It’s just a chick eating different stuff for one minute and 30 seconds. It’s just…nothing. It delivers what it was suppose to deliver – carvings. Not a gag, did not laugh. It just make me cook some potato salad at 3 AM. That’s all.

And yes. This was the summer season for me. I know I skipped watching a lot of popular shows, but they just did not call for me, ya’ feel me?

I also began watching Dragon Ball Super, which is not so super so far. But hey, who doesn’t like watching two characters screaming for a whole 20 minutes? I sure do.

I’m also going to watch Non Non Biyori Repeat sometime soon. I enjoyed the first season, but didn’t feel like watching it this summer.

What were your shows for this season? Were you impressed with the series or rather let down? Let me know in the comment section below. ^__^

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8 Responses to Summer season final impressions

  1. The Otaku Judge says:

    Sick Toei burn hehe. Naff visuals aside, I want to check out Gangsta as I was fond of Black Lagoon and Jormungand.


  2. sebbo12 says:

    I saw the shit end of gangsta coming a couple of episodes before the end when they were dragging it the fuck out and a conclusion was going to be more and now rushed, but now I think I just won’t finish it tbh. Plus I heard the guys who produced it went bust (not ideal considering it fully at itself up for a season two lol)
    Should have watched ore monogatari, that once was pretty good, depending on your tastes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ThatAnimeSnob says:

    You disliked Shimoneta? It’s like you are trying to dislike good shows…

    Name me one other anime that is insightful enough to present a DIY in the ending credits. Not even Shokugeki cared enough to teach you cooking recipes in the credits, but Shimoneta did.

    How ungrateful of you.

    But yeah, Umaru was shit. All of it.


  4. Lazarinth says:

    Gangsta was my favorite of the summer as well, if you liked it and black lagoon you should try Jourmangrand as it’s in a very similar mature-action style and if you don’t mind older anime it falls under the kind of crime anime of Gungrave, Speed Grapher and Darker than Black.

    Liked by 1 person

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