League of Legends: I don’t like the Worlds 2015 anthem

That’s it. That’s all that I wanted to blog about. I just don’t like the Worlds 2015 anthem as much as I liked the 2014 one.

I mean, here.

Compare it to the Imagine Dragons one.

This isn’t nearly as good as Warriors was. True, it sounds as is it’s more eSportsy, but really.

We are the ones,
To ignite the darkened skies.

Will never replace

Here we are, don’t turn away now,
We are the warriors that built this town


I feel as if Imagine Dragons set the score pretty high and this year’s just…not reaching it. The video is clearly waaay beyond. It features the Eiffel Tower (Paris), Big Ben (London), Arcade du Cinquantenaire (Brussels) and the Berlin TV tower. And it’s boring. Feels like the Eurovision promo.

I can see why it’s called Worlds collide, but the title just won’t make it. It doesn’t deliver the emotion, the grandeur and the pride Warriors makes me feel whenever I’m listening to it. (Don’t weep for me cause this will be the labor of my love)

I like that they chose to go with Nicki Taylor, who is also a streamer so it’s more…part of the community. But was it really a good idea?

I probably won’t watch the championship until the very last match. I just wanted to rant about the anthem.

Not feeling it.

And now I have Warriors stuck in my head.


PS: GO FNATIC. I have faith in you.


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