How to seem like an anime snob without knowing shit about anime

Talking about anime with other fans is not something easily done, especially when you got into anime one year ago and watched 20 series at max. So here’s a short guide on what you can easily say and do in order to seem sophisticated and smart.

  1. If someone is talking about a series they enjoyed, be sure to one-up them immediately.

“Oh, so you like shonen anime? Sorry, bro, I’m not into childish series. I prefer something with a deeper meaning and a more grown up storyline.”

This way, you let the people know you’re a serious adult and you don’t play around with your anime. Respect +1.

2. Pick one mainstream series and stick with it.

Remember, it’s the only popular thing that you find acceptable. You have to point out every flaw you can find or come up with and you must sound as if you’re watching it only out of some sort of pity.

“I watched D.Gray-man and I can say it’s okaish. I mean, sure, it doesn’t look very good and the action is kind of slow paced and boring, but I can cope with that for a while. I only watched it because my 4 y/o cousin had me sit through it.”  – make sure you roll your eyes into another dimension

3. Whenever you’re talking about anime and manga, use special                          terminology

Don’t ever call a 4 panel comic a 4 panel comic. It’s a yonkoma. Don’t say you bought a new volume of a manga – that’s a tankobon. That deadly martial arts technique was not a deadly / final blow, but a satsujinken or ansatsuken.  

4. Make sure you rant about a series at least once a month on the most              popular forums.

This way, you let everyone on the internet know how much you dislike the cheap shit from nowadays.

5. Pick one elitist series and learn every damn thing about it

You can go for Serial Experiments Lain, for example. Claim that it’s one of the few series that fulfilled your expectations and made you feel whole. Or go for the “If you didn’t like the Monogatari series you’re a tasteless simpleton and you don’t know a thing”. Works wonders.

If all this fails, shave your head, grow a beard and wear a “it’s an anime thing, you wouldn’t understand” shirt. You will be the supreme senpai, the absolute nushi, the only -sama anyone could possibly wish for.



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9 Responses to How to seem like an anime snob without knowing shit about anime

  1. ThatAnimeSnob says:

    Learn from your betters :

    Also, vlog > blog.

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  2. NewAround92 says:

    Oh my god, The Snob has noticed you!
    That Anime Snob has noticed you!

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  3. You forgot that the manga is always better. Even if it isn’t actually better, or if the anime doesn’t have a manga shitty anime plebs won’t know anyway.

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  4. Gosh, you prick xD
    This is great. So true, so great.


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