Save an anime fan from spiritually dying

No, but really. I just realized that I’m going through a really bad phase in my life or whatever because I don’t have time for anything other than work and sleep. And, honestly, I don’t even feel like doing anything else.

And here is where I need your help.

I’ve been through this before and I’m sure you did too, but it still fucks with my brain because I haven’t found a solution yet.

I don’t feel like watching anime anymore.


There. I said it. I just don’t feel like it. Whenever I have some free time I choose to watch House MD or play something. And that’s not normal. The last time it happened, I’ve been on anime hiatus for like an entire year or maybe more. I can barely get myself together to watch Noragami and One Punch Man. 

So I’m asking you. How do you get over this? I’m doing this not just because I want to start watching anime like crazy again and stop being productive in any way useful for the society and my wallet, but also because stopping would kind of hurt this blog and I’ve grown to enjoy writing about anime and talking to you, guys. Really.

So save an otaku buddy.

wat do


I also wanted to ask you, guys, for a looong time, what do you like to read the most on anime related blogs? 

Is it reviews, is it lists, is it miscellaneous talking about otaku habits, is it hauls/unboxings or maybe you’re more into video games and stuff? Because I’m literally at a loss for ideas. Life fucked me in the brain.


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10 Responses to Save an anime fan from spiritually dying

  1. kurosama238 says:

    Oh no! This has happened to me a few times, and its been terrible so I definitely know the feel.

    I guess I’d recommend trying not to force it- the more you try to watch anime and don’t get any enjoyment from it, the more frustrated you’ll feel. The first time this happened to me I actually stopped watching for 2 years. What I did was I started reading manga instead, and slowly went back into watching anime. If you’re struggling with weekly updates or longer series you could try watching shorter episodes or series. Just slowly build up!

    Hope that helps ^^

    Also with anime blogs, I guess I like reading people’s opinions about anime culture and series and hauls are fun too 🙂

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  2. I’ve got a few ideas for you.

    1. Try rewatching a series you love or one you watched way back when. Watch not for the sake of a review but for your own personal entertainment.

    2. House MD is awesome. I’m personally working my way through Star Trek TNG! 😻 Don’t feel bad about that. So what if it’s not anime? It’s still fun!

    3. I find the best posts are ones the author wants to write. When it’s forced, it feels too static and tired. Do what you want to do!

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  3. I think burn out happens to most people. I go through phases were I will watch a bunch of shows and then take a break for a while. With respect to the content I like to read the most that would be reviews.

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  4. Arria Cross says:

    That’s burn-out. It’ll pass. I haven’t watched anime for a month now, too, although I still read a lot of manga. I would say don’t force yourself because you’re going to take the fun out of the experience and it’ll translate to how u write posts for your blog. Maybe you can write posts about anime that you watched before? You can do that until your enthusiasm for anime returns. Good luck!

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  5. that_troll_from_poli says:

    Step 1. Learn Japanese or be a pleb and watch Dubbed only
    Step 2. Buy Another Monitor
    Step 3. Watch anime WHILE playing games
    Step 4. ??
    Step 5. Profit.

    Or do all in one by playing Yandere Simulator.

    Help with Blog ideas : Change the B with a V and do live reactions to watching Diabolik Lovers.

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  6. After an exhausting long day, I have no time to watch anime, let alone have the every to write. I myself at this point am a bit burned out. But what can we do to fix that? Try hitting up some classics. Those are the shows that everyone talks about, have been talking about since they first aired, and will talk about for years to come. They are the tried and true “everybody loves me because I’m a masterpiece” show. Rekindle your love with a strong fire rather than a burning twig of a show. After all, there’s nothing like waiting 25 episodes only for a crappy ending. Now that’ll kill your spirit. But try this, and hopefully you’ll find your way once again!

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