How do you take your anime?

Thank you, guys, so much for the tips and tricks for my recent lack of will of watching anime. I figured that I could just keep writing stuff on this blog, maybe it will pass easier.

Now I’m thinking about what could cause this burn out and trying to come up with ideas and solutions, like a good problem solving individual that I am. No.


Until recently, I was one of those quiet bingers, you know? Just got myself my laptop, a warm blanket and a cozy bed and I would be fine. I would sit there and watch about 6 episodes and then take a break, maybe play a little something and then go right back in there.

However, recently, Moria-san got into anime as well. And now we mostly watch stuff as we’re eating. And that’s something I never like to do. Srsly. I hate doing stuff while I’m eating. It’s bugging my brain. But I sort of got used to it, idk.

I also started watching anime on my TV as of late. My sister got ourselves a huge ass TV (it’s ginormous, for fuck ‘s sake) and I figured it would be a nice change of pace hooking the laptop to it and just slothing around in bed. And it was, but I realized I kind of miss the…coziness me and my little laptop used to have. And I figured this might be the problem for my burn out. So I’m going to try and get back to my old anime watching style and see if it works and if I get my spirit back. Finger crossed. :3


In the meantime, tho’, I want to know how do YOU watch your anime?

Do you prefer your laptop/pc, or a bigger screen? Headphones? Snacks? Friends? Alone? You tell me. ^__^


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8 Responses to How do you take your anime?

  1. that_troll_from_poli says:

    >Watching anime with Moria
    It figures why Moria-san would have a Noragami cover on FB. Does he watch Ika-musume with you too ( as taken from the picture in the blog )

    I’ve heard if you spend less time online blogging or commenting on public forums like reddit, you have more time to watch anime. We should try that, because I also stopped watching anything else than running shows , and I was quite a binger until I discovered the pleasure of contradicting with strangers over taste and preferences.

    PS : I could be watching an episode of some popular anime that I am long overdue watching, instead I’m here checking on what terrible shows you watched lately. Time well spent.

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  2. I watch most of my anime on a laptop, although TV is my preferred option. Anime viewing is a solitary experience for me. I try to avoid snacking as I could stand to lose a few pounds.

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  3. candy says:

    I’m watching most anime alone, i connect my laptop to my tv which is really cool *_* sometimes i havr snacks while watching, sometimes i don’t :3 i watch the currently airing anime with a friend of mine, there is that anime site called moetube and it has a watch with friends function so yeah :3

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  4. I hope that this method works, as it sounds pretty, well, sound. I watch anime off of my iPad (because I’m a sad pleb), but we have good times.

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