My Christmas want-to-watch list

As you guys might know, I’ve been a little off lately in regards to anime and blogging. I had to do some stuff, other stuff happened and I was really busy. But I plan to get back on the lazy track this month, especially since I’m gonna have some free time for the holidays and not have to work everyday. I hope, at least. Hope is all I have right now.


And so, because I like to pretend I’m an organized person, I made a list with the titles I want to watch in this sort of free time.

They’re not necessarily christmasy or anything of the sort. I just wanted something light which can make me relax and allow me to be a lazy piece of shit.

My choices were

My Teem Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Food Wars



Golden Time

I started watching SNAFU just before my burn-out and seemed…kind of fun, idk.

As for Golden Time, believe me, I first tried to watch it as it was airing. And then I dropped it. And then I picked it up again. And then I dropped it. And I picked it up again. And burn-out happened. And maybe this is just not meant for me, idk. I’m gonna give it just one more try. If this doesn’t work out I’m gonna send it to the dusty corner.

Now, if you are kind and generous enough as to tell me your opinion about these series, that would help a lot. The list is not definitive so I am eager to hear some other recommendations that would help poor Ruki get over this tiring holiday season. Thank you very much. You da real MVP.


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4 Responses to My Christmas want-to-watch list

  1. Food Wars has the magical powers of making pussies quiver. Just watch it. Now. Make it #1.


  2. that_troll_from_poli says:

    You’d have a hard time watching Durarara while doing anything else. Requires more focus than your average anime, due to the constant change in perspective of the narrator. In fact, you might wanna try Baccano instead to see if that style of narration suits you (and Baccano is way shorter).

    Similarly, Snafu is 2deep4you rom-com that you have to pay attention to understand what the fuck is in the MCs minds, if you care for that thing.

    Food Wars on the other hand. Totally safe for multitasking, because it’s a ‘food-shonen’. Recommended to be watched after or during meals, otherwise you might die of food cravings. It’s got a S2 on the way , so you might wanna be prepared.

    Golden Time = a worst Toradora (both shows have same author), that takes place in college because they thought people are tired of high school romances. Given that you have Toradora in your AP list as PTW, go watch that one instead. It’s even more in tone with Christmas (which is why /r/anime does a rewatch of Toradora every year during these holidays)


    • sebbo12 says:

      Amen to that! Toradora over Christmas is a lifestyle win. Having said that, it almost gets too heavy with drama in the second half which might come as a bit of a shocker considering the first half is a more light hearted romcom. .. Still a great show though 😉 .


  3. sebbo12 says:

    Merry Christmas Rukeeeeeh!! Its Christmas eve but whatever – the Christmas spirit is undeniable right now where I am so yah. Deal with it.
    I can which titles did you end up watching then this holiday? I’ve watched all of them and liked all of them too.
    Golden time is a drama I really enjoyed. It did well in the drama and the slice of life departments. The university setting is a nice change of pace compared to the usual high school setting. It isn’t too heavy and had a decent conclusion.
    Toradora is a great show but I found that the drama for a bit too heavy for the second half so the tone shift was a bit of an adjustment (I already said that on other comment though).

    Durarara is epic so you should definitely watch that, especially since they’ve got the second season going now.

    I think a really nice one which suits the cosy/relaxed spirit of the Xmas holidays is Barakamon which toy should definitely check out -it’s 12 episodes of hilarious fun.

    Anyways, how’s Christmas over where you are. I expect they actually have white Christmases over there as opposed to the continual anti climaxes that we get in England. Seriously, you’d think with all of those Christmas cards going around that they actually happen here but I’m starting to get the feeling that it was just a false memory orchestrated by the illuminati O_o.


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