Review: One Punch Man


So One Punch Man has finally ended, heh? Well, it did a few days ago but what is time, actually?

This has to be the most excitement inducing series in the last few years. I swear to god, everybody watched it. Even people who had nothing to do with anime before. So is OPM as great as the masses say it is? Well, I wouldn’t say no. But I wouldn’t say so either.

One Punch Man is a great series. But it’s not the greatest. Starting with the good parts, it is indeed a very nice comedy, it’s got a pretty impressive animation, the art style is awesome, it’s got one of the nicest protagonists I’ve seen in a while and some really kick ass fights. Here and there.

So why is it not the best?

If you think about it, OPM is more of a comedy slice of life centered around a superopm-ep2-mosquitos hero than anything else. What’s good about it is that the said superhero is a super duper nice and funny character. The downside, tho’, the anime has a next to nothing plot. Here comes the monster, kills a few hundred people, destroys an entire city. By the end, Saitama appears and one punches it. Because One Punch Man, get it?

And, although Saitama is a great character (husband material, if you ask me. But then, again, it appears I have a thing for bald people), there’s not much for the others. Apart from Genos and, maybe, Mumen Rider (gosh, that’s a fucking ugly name) there’s not much for the others. Besides, even if they’re present only a few times, most of them are boring and annoying. The bishounen dude makes me want to one punch myself in the face. I’m so funny.

All in all, I actually enjoyed it and it’s a great series to spend your time on. Actually, it ranks pretty high in the comedy department if you don’t mind the repetitive oh, I’m so frustrated I’m powerful jokes. But then again, this is the premise.

screen-shot-2015-12-23-at-12-27-06-pm1And come on. Look how beautiful and imposing Saitama is. How can you not fall in pixel love with him? How can you not be impressed?

OPM might have been the spotlight of this winter for me if it had any plot and action development whatsoever. But I guess it falls under Noragami for now. Let’s see how that goes.

Also, it reminded me of this song. Listen to it, it’s really nice and funny and I love Stephen Lynch.


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3 Responses to Review: One Punch Man

  1. I wonder how many people find bald guys attractive. Years ago Patrick Stewart was popular with certain ladies.


  2. Sunite says:

    I also did a review on OPM, gave it a 10/10, and even read the manga to the latest chapter. This series is epic!!

    Liked by 1 person

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