Sort of review: Things nobody told me about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica


Please insert a star in my title.

Also, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT. Really, if you didn’t watch it, skip this list, read the final paragraph and go watch the shit out of it because it’s way more awesome that I thought.

And this is a list of things that nobody told me about this show and things that I’ve come to realize after I watched it.

  1. Madoka is not magica until the very last episode. The series has three arcs: The irrelevant magica friend of Madoka, The not so irrelevant magica friend of Madoka and Madoka [star] Magica.
  2. Lots of people picked Kyubey for the most amazing villain. But nobody told me how much of an intricate villain he is and how he’s sort of not a villain.
  3. Madoka can cry a magic amount of tears. That’s her ability for 11 episodes.
  4. Magical girl series are not all Sailor Moon and spice and everything nice. Magical girl series can be dark and interesting.
  5. No matter how dark and serious a magical girl show is, there’s always going to be one girl with a stupid costume. (I’m looking at you, pink and fluffy Madoka)
  6. There are parents that will allow their children to go outside in a deadly storm because they claim to be able to solve everything.
  7. Madoka is a friend-whore. Everyone is her best friend.
  8. You could just .gif all the scenes where they were fighting witches and post them on tumblr. You might just get a super popular blog with everybody thinking that you’re a cool and deep artist, not just some weird otaku who watches series about 12 y/o being naked here and there.
  9. Cleopatra was a magical girl.
  10. The OP is a lie.


Seriously. I was asleep in the bus, coming home from my parents. The first thing that crossed my mind when I woke up was I gotta go watch Madoka Magica when I get home. Out of the blue. And I watched it in two sittings. And it was amazing, for realsies. I wish I had someone to pressure me into watching this earlier. So, if you didn’t watch it, I’m the person to pressure you into watching it. WATCH IT, IT’S MAGICAL.

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12 Responses to Sort of review: Things nobody told me about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

  1. krystallina says:

    I’m actually glad I didn’t watch this when it first came out. It was better when I knew what type of series it was instead of finding out the OP was a lie. Glad you enjoyed it so much though!

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  2. mirrorpurple says:

    your life is a lie

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  3. I just finished watching it myself. Quite a good show.

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  4. The Otaku Judge says:

    Great series, although I didn’t care for the third movie.

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  5. Pella Mugi Madooka Mugicur iz masterpiece animoo. Nice list!

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    • Ruki says:

      MUGICUR!!!! =)))
      It’s funny because cur is the equivalent for ass in Romanian.
      And I laughed like a second grader because why the fuck not. -___-


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