The weirdest stuff the anime industry made me watch

I shit you not, guys. I don’t know how to handle my life.


Look. We all know Japan is weird. I mean, come on, they invented tentacle porn. It’s just…right there.

But there are things that I just cannot even. Because Japan.


Makura no Danshi or Sleeping with Hinako

No really. They literally made two series with no plot whatsoever where the character(s) pretends to sleep next to you. And you get either a girl or some random creepy dudes, depending on what team you’re playing for.

Because fuck me sideways. Really.



Even I hated myself after watching these. And I puked a little in my mouth every 3 minutes or so.

For fuck’s sake.



Why did I even? What is this, exactly? Can someone please explain this to me? They basically took everything that can be wrong with a series (stupid plot, shitty artwork, ridiculous characters, incest, cannibalism, lame ass fucking faggotsy stupid monsters) and threw them together in this shitty thing right here. Don’t even think about wasting 4 minutes of your life watching an episode of this abomination.


Please don’t watch it. Decided to check out what the lowest rated anime was on anime-planet. I regret it to this day. I wonder what kind of dreams Nagao Takena has. Can he live well with himself?

You know what else would fit in here? Fucking Sekkou Boys. Because talking statues make so much sense and are so funny and oh, no, I can’t stop being entertained by this FUCKING STUPID JOKE OF A SHOW FUCK YOU AND WHATEVER YOU STAND FOR AND VALUE IN YOUR LIFE YOU RIDICULOUS SHITTY BEING THAT CREATED THIS.

I’m done.



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8 Responses to The weirdest stuff the anime industry made me watch

  1. candy says:

    The sleeping with hinako thing…. My friends had the funny idea to give the dvd to me as a birthday present XDDD i never watched it…. Had to hide it from my mom (i am a girl…)

  2. dandylion13 says:

    WHAT! What was that Shit…Com? I was really confused and yeah I can agree that it does deserve its spot as the lowest ranked anime.

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. sebbo12 says:

    I love you so much Ruki xD , you never fail to brighten my day.
    And what the flying FUCK was that shitcom! Seriously T_T . I was simply lost for words. May I ask why/how you found this stuff?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ruki says:

      asdfghjkl, Sebbo. ❤
      Well, the internet will cease to amaze me. But this one was simple to find. I was just checking to see what's the lowest ranked anime on anime-planet. This shit delivered.

      Liked by 1 person

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