Hey, kids, wanna buy some magic? | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE

Do you know what you need right now? Well let me tell you. You need some magical boys.


But before you WTF at me let me tell you. This thing is waaay more ridiculous than I thought it would be.

I don’t even know where to start.

Take 5 coloured guys. Think about Sailor Moon and Nichibros. Make them wear ugly ass costumes and shout LAVU LAVU 3 times per second. You have your show. And it’s priceless.

I honestly expected nothing but mindfuckery and some wtf, Japan, whatever it is you’re doing, just stop. But I was so wrong.

First of all, it is not poorly animated. I don’t know why I was expecting it to have a bad animation. It’s not something spectacularly great either, but it’s like…good?

Second. This show is fucking hilarious. I mean, yes, it is also cringy here and there (please, watch the transformation scene), but it’s so random and overall funny.


The first episodes are kinda repetitive where they just fight weird monsters created from various inanimate object and negative feelings, as usual for this genre, I guess. In the second part things get moving and you get cheesy friendship cliché, brotherly love and so. many. baths.

There’s not much to say about plot and action development so just let me talk about this in the most random way possible.

Imagine you had your Nichibros, but they’re magical boys. Ridiculous magical boys. These are the main characters. However, we also get the other abused, overused, boring cliché. The bad student council members. They’re the evil guys. Almost as ridiculous as the protagonists. But wait, there’s more. They also provide the cute but evil aliens who want to ruin the world. Really? A green porcupine? A fucking talking fish?

The aliens also have the good guy. A pink wombat. With a pinker heart on his butt. He loves love and carries around the dead body of a teacher. BUT IT’S WAY FUNNIER THAN IT SOUNDS, I SWEAR.

Earth_Defense_Club_LOVE_EP_1_Screengrab_10The best part is that they are perfectly conscious of how they look and what they’re doing and this is where the lolz come from. And we get the typical episodes. Like the one episode at the beach. And the one episode where En-chan is possessed and starts acting like he suffers from premenstrual syndrome. Such a delight.

Anyhow. To the characters. I feel like each individual is portraying a particular stereotype. We got the loli boy, the money lover, the girls lover, the dude who doesn’t give a fuck and the irrelevant dude who is only important because he has some lost connection with the bad guys.


On the bad side there is Domination Guy, the ruler of all evil (who is just pissed on his childhood friend), the beauty sissy and the TOTALLY RANDOM GUY WHO HAS NO IDEA WHY HE’S THERE. He’s my favourite character of the magical boys. Seriously, I love this guy. There’s this scene with What really matters and each of them goes love, friendship, freedom, money, girls, beauty and this guys comes with a giant smile and’s like I really don’t know. I DARE YOU NOT TO LOVE HIM.

As for the other special character, we got the brother. Who chops wood. All day. Every tumblr_nsyblqso2a1u82cvxo1_500episode. He chops wood for a bath than runs on natural hot water. He’s just…chopping
wood. (until the very last episode where we are told that he is relevant). But he’s like the hottest guy in the series. I don’t know why but girls seem to be into guys who chop wood.

I don’t even know what else to say about this show, but it clearly delivered more than I expected and I don’t regret one bit of watching it.

The ending was abso fucking lutely ridiculous. MORE BETTER? REALLY? IS THAT ALL YOU COULD COME UP WITH?

But good wins every time blah-blah, everything is well, everybody’s happy. AND THEY ALL TAKE A BATH TOGETHER BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THEY DO IN THIS SHOW.

I almost forgot. Their superhero names are plain stupid. Epinard? Who the fuck is named Epinard? Is this even a thing? I’m afraid to google it.

Personal thoughts

Yumoto is annoying and is not fitted to be the leader.

I love En Yufuin. He doesn’t give a fuck.

Atsushi? Who the fuck is Atsushi? Relevance much?

Io. He’s the money guy. Totally hate him.

Ryuu is too pink for me to like. And he’s got an annoying personality.

I call dibs on Gora because…hot wood chopper?

But my heart goes to Ibushi Arima because he gives even less fucks than En. He’s my spirit animal.

Hated the aliens. All of them.

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18 Responses to Hey, kids, wanna buy some magic? | Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE

  1. sugarhighdd says:

    Dude, I’ve totally got to watch this. :))

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  2. Siylasia says:

    i’ve wanted to see this since i saw an ad on crunchy roll~ :3 lol it looks so funny!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mirrorpurple says:

    Omg, im never gonna touch this shit


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