Anime time: Colorful review (the movie, not the crappy series)


Colorful is a full length movie (130 minutes) focused around a soul that is sent to purgatory and is given a second chance to reincarnate if it accepts to return as Makoto, a boy who (miraculously, of course) survived suicide AND it can only continue living if the soul remembers what sin it has committed.

Fair enough.

It’s ranked pretty high on anime-planet, with 4.2 stars so I decided to give it a try as it has been sitting on my want to watch list for a veeery long time.

The good

Backgrounds look amazing in some scenes. I understand that there are real pictures digitally manipulated to look drawn, but the result is stunning in some cases. The character design was a good surprise. It drives away from the ‘change the hair and you have a different character’ thingie that’s common in the anime industry. And I feel like that makes the character resemble Japanese people more.colorful08

The characters are as human as possible (except for PuraPura. He’s a soul stuck in
purgatory. With that name, I wouldn’t want to be alive either). Everyone has their flaws and good parts. But mostly flaws. It becomes annoying, trust me. But not that much on the subject right now.

It depicts the Japanese society so well. The teen suicide problem, the young age people are getting into sex, family relationships, the educational system – it’s all there (and it was a little confusing for me as an European)

The bad

It’s sooo fuuucking slooow paceeed. Some of the scenes could have been left out without it damaging the plot or the progress and outcome of the story. I felt that it was unnecessary long.

colorful2I literally fell asleep two times watching it and not necessarily because I was tired. It doesn’t have much to keep you interested, except for the ‘I wanna know how it ends’ feeling. Not even in the slice of life kind of way.

They tried to incorporate some real life photos in the anime (the railways part) and it looked so inappropriate and bad. Really out of place. Same with some backgrounds. I know I put the background in the good part. But some parts were awful to the point where you could FEEL IT IN YOUR HEART.



This is really important because the characters are the main focus of the movie. And they are supposed to be super complex and all that. But those who are do not get enough attention.

Makoto – The main character is plain stupid and retarded. He’s good, then bad, then good again and he’s annoying. Why did he get the attention? Stay dead.

Hiroka is the perfect example of what is called, in my country, bad parenting. She’s a middle schooler who is having sex for money because she likes beautiful things. WELL I LIKE EXPENSIVE THINGS TOO, BUT I’M POOR AND I DEAL WITH IT. But she’s a really interesting character and she deserves a story of her own. Just saying.

Makoto’s mother – now here’s a character that could have changed the story for the better IF SHE WASN’T SO FUCKING WEAK AND STUPID. I guess stupidity runs in the family. It’s true that it is difficult and delicate to deal with your child’s suicide attempt. But come ooon.

Saotome was just there. Another nice character that I would’ve loved to know more about. He had like…2 scenes centered around him? Damn you, guys. Wasted potential.

Shoko – so awkward that it made the main char feel awkward. Now that is something. Another character that didn’t get enough attention, even though she also had the potential to change the story for the better.


General thoughts

The plot-twist ending was not really a plot-twist and it was a little too cheesy for what was going on over the entire movie up to there. I honestly feel like it was too much drama. I love drama. But only when it happens to real people around me and only when I can do something to make it even worse and then sit back and enjoy.

colorful-1-03I know I criticized the movie a little too much, but I still think it was worth it (???) It wasn’t particularly bright in any areas, but it gives the viewers a point of view on suicide and Japanese society that might be not as shallow as usually. Does that make sense? I don’t think so either.

It’s somehow a story about coming of age and, even though you can’t help but hate the protagonist, it’s still a bit heartwarming and nice. Everybody loves a positive ending.

Would I recommend it? Yes. Not as a must see, but maybe as an afternoon movie when
you’re bored. Or maybe just watch it with your family and then thank god they’re not as fucked up.

If they are, come here. *massive hug* Fucked up families can really fuck one up even more and it’s not your fault. I’m here for support if that helps you in any way. ^__^

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7 Responses to Anime time: Colorful review (the movie, not the crappy series)

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    It aint Colorful

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  2. The cake is a lie.
    Lol thanks for the review. I remember my friend saying how overated this was and now I can see why. I still would like to try it one day but I’m in no rush. Thanks for the review!

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  3. The Otaku Judge says:

    I like expensive things, but no one wants to sleep with me. Being poor sucks, but at least my name is cooler than PuraPura.

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