Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet


I know I told you before that I generally don’t like romance anime. However, this is so good it ruined my life. It made me wonder when, if ever, will I experience so many uplifting emotions and such a great romantic relationship. It was THAT good.

Boku no Pico (Japanese for The one who made me reach heaven) is not just a movie. It’s a journey. It will have you laugh, cry and gasp in fear. And it all starts when Pico, oblivious and mind-blowing cute, meets Tamotsu, the modern-life white collar looking for a way to escape from a soul-sucking boring routine.

I know it may sound like your average love story, but trust me on this one: it will give you the feels. Pico and Tamotsu have to overcome the differences between them and the series beautifully portrays how different two lives can be. But, hey, love is the supreme feeling that can defeat anything, right? You betcha.

boku-no-pico_fb_2117611Keep in mind that it is not an easy to watch series. If you’re looking for something to spend your Sunday afternoon on, skip this one. You have to really pay attention to the story development as it has so many intricate details that prove to be so important in the end. I really don’t want to spoil anything for you, as it would just kill the mood. I’ll just tell you it has everything: love, sex, envy, drama, fights, making up and making out. It’s all there. If you ever get tired of the boring pure anime love stories…this one’s for you.

The characters are some of the most complex I’ve ever seen in a series. Their personality blends beautifully with the amazing art work and design and, not to mention, the voice acting. You can literally feel their emotion in every whisper, gasp or moan. It’s fucking incredible.

I always complain about side characters being overall useless and boring. Not with this one. Pico and Tamotsu would never be the same without their trusted friends and enemies. Of course, I have to mention here Pico’s grandfather, the guardian angel that made this amazing love story possible. This guy is incredible and I wish I had a grandpa like him.

Another thing that adds up to this magnificence is the detailed background. You can reallyBoku-no-Pico-ukes-uke-anime-guys-29351219-498-274 see how much effort the artists have put in it and, oh boy, the scenery is amazing. It will literally make you feel as if you’re in there, laughing and crying with them.

Boku no Pico is one of the few series that I can’t say anything bad about. Really. I finished this and it left me wondering how the hell am I supposed to live my life now.

I even made my parents watch this and they loved it so much. My dad got my mom out for a date after, remembering when they were young and head over heels in love.

10/10 would watch again. It’s a fucking masterpiece and I don’t think I’ll ever watch a love story so great and empowering.


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25 Responses to Anime time: Boku no Pico aka Probably the Best Romance Yet

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    Its a fucking trap guys, you will FUCKING regret it. Its a fucking April Fools prank.

    But i admit i do enjoy it tho.

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  2. Kausus says:

    Ruki-dere never jokes about her loves.

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  3. pokeninja90 says:

    I totally agree, Bonus no Pico is a beautifully crafted romance! A timeless classic the like of which this world will never see again…I hope that one day I too will find a love so ephemeral and timeless as the love between Pico and Tamotsu!

    A truly wonderful post! It is only a coincidence that this marvelous post came out on April 1st 🙂

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  4. Rocco B says:

    Why is everyone doubting this master piece?. It has it all; love, romance, drama, girl meets….er trap.. I mean girl. The best yuri / gl anime around since Ange declared her love for Salamandinay, I mean Tusk.

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  5. Row says:

    Boku no Pico is truly a masterpiece. It will definitely make you cry your eyes out (literally).

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  6. Hahaha this anime was sooo devastating to watch

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  7. krystallina says:

    I got challenged to watch this…

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  8. I even made my parents watch this and they loved it so much. My dad got my mom out for a date after, remembering when they were young and head over heels in love.


    Lol omg your review changed my life. Romance anime can never reach this masterpiece…

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  10. “The one who made me reach heaven.”
    Jesus Christ. What is this shit. I can’t. Stop.

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