I am not dead. Just wanted to clarify that.
I will be back pretty soon, at least I hope so. I have been sucked in by the evil world of corporations and needed a shitload of gaming time to regain balance. (And to fuck up the little free time that I had)

I shall return, tho’. More powerful than ever. And with even more curse words. Wait for me.


I’m at work atm and my bo$$ is almost getting his ass kicked in Mortal Kombat. I’m not sure how that is relevant but THE MORE YOU KNOW.


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5 Responses to Yo

  1. That’s a lot of curse words.
    And oh yeah, it’s been a month now.
    Just sayin’. I’ve been MIA too

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  2. trol mctrolface says:

    “Expect the worst and you will not be disappointed” should be your message to the fans.

    At least if you HAD died, they would have been prepared. But hey, good to know that you aren’t.

    Now get back to watching awefull stuff so that your fans don’t have to. A true hero.

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