It’s okay to be gay

Despite being the most homophobic country in the EU, not all hope is lost in Romania. June 25 was the day of Bucharest Pride, the very cheery and colorful march for LGBT rights. Which made me think of my favourite gay/bi/trans anime characters. Because I’m that much of a weeb.

But first of all, let me tell you one thing.

It’s disgusting to talk about gay rights as if they were not human rights. It’s disgusting to think of someone as less than a human being just because they feel attracted to people with the same genitals.

It’s 20 fucking 16 and some idiots still think that it’s not okay to love someone of the same sex/gender.

It’s 20 fucking 16 and some idiots think that two men cannot raise a child. Because, let’s face it: HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES DON’T RAISE GAY CHILDREN.

It’s 20 fucking 16 and some idiots think it’s better to let young children witness violence, alcoholism, rape that let them see two women kissing.

Isabella Yamamoto – Paradise Kiss


The feminine little boy was first accepted as a transgender by her childhood friend George. And she grew up to be one hell of a beautiful, elegant and stylish females. Not only that, but she is so caring, attentive and supportive, George could not wish for a better friend. 

“How am I going to explain to my children why those two men are kissing?”

Well, how about this? They love each other. They have decided to have a consensual romantic relationship. They love each other just like mommy and daddy do.

So hard.

Hana – Tokyo Godfathers

hana - tokyo godfather

Hana, a homeless former drag queen, is basically the soul of the trio in this heart touching story. Having lived a god damn hard life, she still manages to keep a smile on her face and inspire other people. She is rewarded for her bravery by becoming the hero and the godmother of that baby, making sure he will not share the same fate as them.

“Eww, I would puke if that guy came and hit on me. God forbid he touches me.”

You know what makes me puke? Cat-calling. Rape. Domestic abuse and one of the most used phrases among douchebags who hate gay people: “boys will be boys”.

I remember one night when I was in a club, half bored to death, when this pretty girl bought me a drink. I paid back the service, so on and so forth until we both got shitfaced drunk and were laughing so hard we were about to pass out. She asked me to go somewhere else to her and I politely declined because I had to go to work the next day. The only thing she said was “meh, what a pity. it was fun, thanks”

Oh, wow. Politeness, can you believe it? How can gay people be so obnoxious and weird?

Kuranosuke Koibuchi – Kuragehime


Okay, Kuranosuke is not gay. But he likes dressing up as a woman and is not afraid to rock that bareback dress in public. Not only that, but he has so much confidence in himself, destroying society’s beliefs in what is wrong and what is right, that he comes to inspire and help those around him more than they could help themselves. Kuranosuke is the pixel proof that one should have the right to be whoever they want to be and that most boundaries are self imposed.

“Yeah, god damn. Let them legalize gay marriage. Next step will be what, pedophilia?”

Frankly, next step should be forcing you to cultivate yourself. Some people are simply not capable or comprehending basic things such as consentmutual attraction, ability to take your own decisions. Some people are too narrow-minded not to associate gay people with dangerous deviant behaviors. Maybe they think about it when they get home, drunk as fuck, and punch their partners because the food is cold. It sounds like a nice environment for such an idea.

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neputne – Sailor Moon


Ahahah, they’re COUSINS. Fucking bullshit, you censorship dictated superficial media. They are lovers. And I knew it. I was 6 and I knew it. They love each other. They are two women who are a couple. Do you know how I knew it? Because my parents taught me to respect people, not to judge them. And so I met probably the first lesbian couple I have acknowledged.

Instead of trying to find an answer to “mommy, why is that man wearing a dress?” – an answer that would not, god forbid, make your little baby think that it’s acceptable because it’s just a piece of clothing – try to think of a proper answer to ‘why is that kid barefoot in the snow?’, ‘why does Danny have bruises on his arms?’, ‘why does daddy yell at you when he comes home from the bar?’.

I really think society has way bigger problems than gay people. Who are not even a problem, really.

Grell Sutcliff – Kuroshitsuji


Grell is probably that type of gay man haters are afraid of. The flamboyant, cheery, out in the open kind. But you know who’s cool about it? Sebastian, his target. Grell is not afraid to show his love and admiration for Sebastian, even tho’ our favourite demon is not exactly happy about it. Although it is pretty annoying, Sebastian is not a douche. Just like a girl trying to ignore that one creepy stalker who sends her dick pics on whatsapp.

Long story short, my dear blossoms, I am fucking pissed at the society and its stupid rules. I’m fucking pissed at parents who are willing to throw their kid out in the street just because she likes to stick her fingers in another girl’s vagina. I am pissed at stupid people who believe their kids will magically become gay because they see two men kissing. I am pissed because those who shout against LGBTQ rights today arethe ghosts of those who shouted against equal rights for people of color. I’m fucking pissed because three million Romanian people signed a petition to modify the constitution so that it specifically says “marriage between a man and a woman”. Those people are archaic and brain-washed by idiots with big mouths and religion fanatics.

And it saddens me.


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18 Responses to It’s okay to be gay

  1. Rocco B says:

    Some good picks there Ruki. The only ones that I do recognise is Neptune and Uranus xDD. And yeah the censorship sucked ass. Cousins my foot. As for homophobes, yeah unfortunately they exist in all countries. I guess in terms of social progression Romania aren’t quite there yet with some of the other EU countries. That’ll change in the next few years. When more people like yourself change / challenge social values.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HijackedCat says:

    If I could, I’d give you a thunderous applause. So very well said, all of it! 👏👏👏👏👏👏


  3. TashaNight says:

    Hence, (even though he can be so annoying xD), why I absolutely love Grell Sutcliffe’s character and personality!


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  5. wat year is it?
    I didn’t even realize there were that many incredible gay characters in anime. The one that comes to mind to me is Leeron.
    But yeah, people are so freakin’ stupid and unwilling to change because it feels uncomfortable to them. Just STFU and support the fact that there AT LEAST is love.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ischrysalis says:

    the two character from sailor moon, does give me that tickle when I was little. although I never really pay attention to those two, but I always knew at some level, they were very close with each other.
    try to visit to the developing country, then you will see more of a double standards with this gay thingies.
    great post by the way


  7. Great choices, though I must admit, Grell was one I used in my examples of bi characters due to his relationship with Madame Red.


  8. CalTravos says:

    I cannot find words to describe the amount of truth in this post. While I may be straight myself, I have always supported LGBT rights because, they are, as you said, HUMAN rights.
    All of us are the same inside, regardless of who we are attracted do. We all belong to one race, the human race.
    Great post. Stay Awesome!


  9. Arria Cross says:

    Oh my gosh. This is perhaps the best post that I’ve read today. THANK YOU!!! What a truthful post. Go for it! And I love how all the characters you featured in here. Love is love, gay or not. More people should start realizing this. Gay people are human beings like the rest of us. Excellent post, Ruki!


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