Spring 2016 final impressions

aka the draft that has been sitting here for too long

So let’s just review this shit season that seems to have been even shittier than other shit seasons.


Flying Witch – 2 episodes in // stalled

See? It’s stalled, not dropped. I’m not saying it was a bad series. I’m not saying it was something good either, considering the fact that I didn’t watch it. It just didn’t have anything that would keep me interested. Maybe it just came at the wrong moment and had no spot to hit. Random slice of life that was trying to hint at Harry Potter.

Sakamoto desu ga?  – 2 episodes in // dropped

I…literally hated this. Only 2 episodes and I already hated this. Obnoxious, stupid, not funny at all, and annoying as fuck. I like to pretend I’ve never watched it. It’s like…I don’t even bother judging those who enjoyed it. (Hello, Rayz)


The only thing one could say to that Sakamoto fucker.

Kumamiko – 8 episodes in // stalled

Stalled just because I like to finish the series I start and that are not utter bullshit. However, Kumamiko is not far from being one of the most boring slice of life series I’ve watched. I mean, yes. They don’t really do shit. But neither did the girls in Nono Non Biyori and that anime is gold. I liked the bear, I really did. But the jokes got old around the second half of the first episode. And it was overloaded with cringe. I don’t do this kind of cringe, soz. Ruki out.

Sansha Sanyou – 1 episode // dropped

Erase what I said before. THIS was the most boringestest first episode and it was enough to make me not want to watch more. I can’t even talk about this series because I’ve barely watched 20 mins of it.

Super Lovers – 4 episodes in // dropped

I’ll admit it. Yaoi is not for me. Too much unnecessary drama for me to bear. I don’t have the patience to wait for young, pure love to bloom. Not when all the characters seem to have the minds of some 5 y/o. I hope they didn’t get laid, tho’. You’re fucking brothers, for fuck’s sake. Get a grip on life.

Tanaka-kun is always listless – completed

I think I liked the series. But that is mostly because Tanaka-kun is me and I am Tanaka-lazy 1kun. Other than the fact that you might see yourself in the main character of this series, let’s face it, there’s nothing much. This is less that a slice of life. It’s basically half of it. Truth be said, the only character that I found enjoyable was Oota. Tanka was not entertaining, he was just annoyingly lazy. And the rest of them were just plain shit.

Mayoiga – sadly, completed

And the award for the shittiest title on this list goes tooooo…this fuckery right here. I must admit I had high expectation of it. A bunch of people discovering a lost spooky village. I had to find out that

a. highschoolers

b. too many characters

c. all of them are stupid

d. the summary was a lie, overall

e. gringy 3D scenes

f. most boring monsters I’ve seen

g. was not even funny

h. I think I hate hippos now


So, Ruki, waddya think of spring 2016?

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3 Responses to Spring 2016 final impressions

  1. katrinasade says:

    Mayioga sounds seriously disappointing… A lost spooky village does sound interesting. Those bastards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mirrorpurple says:

    You pretty much dropped everything yoy picked up… SMH.


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