Everything wrong with New Game

Raise you hand if you started watching New Game thinking it would be the gaming version of Shirobako. And don’t even lie, because I know you did.

Turns out, either this was never the producers’ intention or they truly screwed up pretty damn badly.

To recap, New Game! is a series about a girl who joins a game production company after she gets our of highschool. She works in the design department and the show presents the day to day struggles they face when it comes to finishing that god damn game in time.

Or so they say.

So this article is written from the perspective of someone who thought this show was going to be grown up, realistic and overall, something that would teach people some cool stuff.

If you’re only watching it for the entertainment, you can skip this one.

1. All characters look like middle/high schoolers

 New Game gif

Not only does Aoi look like she’s 12 years old, but her seniors are not doing a better job either. None of them look past 20 at most and, above all this, they act like fucking teenagers. Inappropes, yo.

2. The amount of fanservice is too damn high


new game shower

Why do they even? I mean, really. I understand that a certain amount of fanservice is needed is basically every series because people kinda got used to it and they are expecting it. But there was the medical examination episode. And the one where they did overtime and gone to a public bath. And the panty shots. And there has to be something in every episode. You don’t show your breasts at work. Trust me.

3. The main character seems to be parallel with gaming

new game fps

Even if you’re working only in the design section how the fuck can you not know the basics of you job? Get your shit together, Aoba. Next you’re gonna ask what an RPG is and you’re supposed to work on one.

4. Nenecchi

new game nenecchi

This. Character. Aaarrgh.

5. This shit too unrealistic

new game guns

Just to name a few things that bug me:

  • stop wearing the same clothes everyday in this type of show
  • I highly doubt you’re allowed to shoot people with airsoft guns whenever you feel like it
  • who hires someone with zero experience (not even properly schooled) in game design and doesn’t even train them?
  • nobody sleeps in underwear at work
  • there seems to be little to no stress even when they’re so behind schedule

Overall, I’m not saying this is an unpleasant series. I’m just stating the obvious: it is not to be taken seriously and there’s no need for a serious approach. This is but a show meant to please the masses, not targeted towards those who are searching for a somehow realistic view of the working life.

What do you think of New Game? Are you enjoying the light hearted comedy or were you, just like me, looking for some more depth?

Also, I have a new article on Unime, in case you missed it. It’s part of the back to school series and it’s about jobs. I love making sense.

[B.T.S.S.] School With A Twist


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7 Responses to Everything wrong with New Game

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    You need a slight dose of parallel dimension’s reality

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karandi says:

    I still haven’t tried this though it was on my list to pick up once I dropped some other shows. The more I read about it, the less I think the show is going to appeal to me and reading this list I’m almost certain I’m going to keep giving this anime a miss. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What made you think it was going to be a serious show? I thought it was pretty obvious from the cover photo and tags that it would be a cute girl comedy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kausus says:

    I love how supportive of New Game you are! It has been my favorite anime and I am glad you share my enthus- Wait a second!

    Liked by 1 person

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