Fall 2016 want to watch + random updates

I always liked to pretend that I’m popular/interesting enough so I can write update posts. Even if I’m not, this will not stop me because…boy, this was not my month.


If you’re a subscriber here or you follow me on twitter you might’ve seen that I haven’t been around in a looong time. Especially after I said I would be more active in here again.


Well, in short, I need to buy a new laptop. Problem is, I can’t buy a new laptop without a card. And I can’t get a card without my ID card. And I don’t have any of these anymore because somebody stole my fucking wallet in the bus. There you have it.

Regarding the new fall season, I figured I should’ve posted my final impressions of the summer season before mentioning the new ones.

No chance because, out of the 8 summer series that I’ve started (nevermind ReLIFE which I completed that day and Hatsukoi Monster which gave me soul cancer) I finished exactly zero. So there you go.

Anyhow, I just took a look over the fall charts and I must say I’m impressed.

With the fact that nothing sounds good to me.

I ended up putting two titles on my want to watch list:

Bernard Jou Iwaku and Fune wo Amu

I’m not sure how much will a short gag and a story about two guys trying to compile a dictionary will provide but…who knows? Maybe I’ll pick something else on the run too.

Just so I know, what are you going to watch this season? Something that’s not a sequel, I mean.

tumblr_mqm80hcmjk1s5f9ado1_500For the third part of this post I just wanted to tell you that the perspective of life without a PC/laptop, made me think of nasty things. So keep close, ’cause I have a pretty interesting project coming up very soon (maybe like tomorrow or smth).

It will involve everything but the comfort bubble and I will present you someone new. So yeah. I’m pretty damn excited.



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7 Responses to Fall 2016 want to watch + random updates

  1. katrinasade says:

    I’m no help bc all I can think of this fall is Haikyu, which falls in the sequel category lol. SUCKS about your laptop/wallet situation though. I can’t believe someone stole it 😦 the world can be full of such dicks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruki says:

    Yep. The good part tho’ is that I got a new ID card and I finally look like myself. XDD


  3. mirrorpurple says:

    Damn, the Fall watching list is MASSIVE


  4. click here says:

    Bernard Rose has constructed a refreshing take on a horror classic with a freakishly fascinating performance from Xavier Samuel. Frankenstein is tragic and sentimental underneath with a gloriously hideous exterior.


  5. YouKnowWho says:

    No no no. You got it all wrong. The thief that stole your walled was trying to help you. To prevent you from buying the laptop with a credit card and pay interest on it to the bank. Thiefs know their competition very well.

    So depending on how much that gipsy ( yes, I am assuming that the culprit was one, because…. you know, RO buses) stole from you , he prevented you to get robbed even worse.

    Anime? Who got time for that… Between work , college , dentist and world of warcraft, the only way I manage to watch anything this season is if one morning I wake up being able to undertand moontalk without having to read subs. And I still have shit to finish from last season.

    Though I still found the time to come for a few minutes and leave random remarks to virtual strangers. You’re welcome.


    • Ruki says:

      I was just thinking about you this morning, as weird as it sounds.
      Good to know you’re well.


      • YouKnowWho says:

        It does sound weird. I mean, morning is not usually a time when people do a lot of thinking. Must be the lack of technology.

        Though, if that do happens to be true, then that “The Secret” “documentary” I saw once must be true. Think of something and the universe will make it happen. Better start thinking about something meaningful instead.

        And just in case, you were thinking that I was the one that stole your wallet, I must say, I resent that. You thinking that I take the bus, ever, is hurtful. If the subway can’t take me there, it’s not a place I’m interested going to.

        TL;DR : Yeah, I’m doing fine I guess, hopefuly so will you. In due time, when you get your new laptop.


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