Gaming time: Oh…sir! The Insult Simulator


Following the truck simulator, the surgeon simulator and the goat simulator, the insult simulator does exactly what you think it does: allows you to insult people. Now, you can do this very well by playing something free such as DoTA or League of Legends, but it’s not as fun.

It’s like a classic fighting game, but you have a self esteem bar instead of a HP one and you finish your opponent by letting him know that his sister farted in his general direction and would like to become a public loo. You can also tell them that their hat is not part of Europe. They will still be damaged.

The cool

  • Funny
  • Short enough
  • Unlockable content
  • PVP (either hotspot or online)

The less cool

  • Limited vocabulary
  • Gets boring and repetitive in no time
  • Might make your parents kick you out

There’s not much to be said about this little game. You have to play for a bit to find out what are your opponents’ weaknesses (Sir Knight is sensitive to anything related to the modern world, Grisha doesn’t like it when you insult his country and origins). Your goal is to completely offend them before they completely offend you and you can do that by combo-insulting them (insulting their face multiple times in a row deals more damage) or by creating lengthy insults that…don’t necessarily need to make sense.

Truth be told, this game is not fun for long if you’re playing alone. Insulting AI is not that challenging. The online PVP is not that fun either because you can’t get that creative with a limited amount of insults. Best feature of the game, imho, is the hot spot mode. You can insult your sibling, your significant other and even your other personality all from the comfort of your seat.

Even if the game gets boring after a couple of hours at most, it deserves your 2 EUR on Steam. To a certain extent, it allows you to play Cards against Humanity with no friends. Yay for that.

It would’ve been nicer if it had a larger choice of words. The insult combination is extremely limited and, by the third time playing, you already get to know every insult there is. Which allows you to play more strategically and sabotage your opponent by stealing his words, but it still gets boring.

All in all, a very nice little game for when you have a terrible day at work. Or for when you have to decide who takes out the trash. But Cards against Humanity is still better if you want to have quality fun.

Many thanks to The Otaku Judge for letting me know about this game. Go check out his blog. It’s awesome.

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4 Responses to Gaming time: Oh…sir! The Insult Simulator

  1. mirrorpurple says:

    And thanks for reminding me that you are still around.

    Just kidding.


  2. The Otaku Judge says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I have yet to play Cards against Humanity, but my friends tell me it is a good laugh. Oh Sir is fun, but like you say it gets stale after a while. If they patched in more characters and phrases that would improve its longevity, but for two euros I ain’t complaining.

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