New project announcement


Ruki, 2016

Not sure if you noticed, but my blogging activity, which was never too constant to begin with, has dropped considerably over the last months.

That’s simply because I don’t feel like watching anime anymore in my little free time that I have, so I simply resume to gaming. Gaming is a bit too much said, ’cause I mostly waste my time playing League of Legends like a pleb.

But I want things to change and I think I found some sort of motivation.

There is a second writer on the blog. Yes. His name is Bushu and let’s hope he’s gonna be the reasons this blog stays alive.

Bushu and have some things in common. We kinda like the same music, we kinda like the same movies, we kinda. But not entirely. I am the LoL player, he plays DoTA. I love myself a nice little story, he can’t stand too much dialogue in a game. He likes Jason Statham…

So we decided to have some…cultural exchange. It’s some sort of a challenge game. I make him do something I like but he’s new to it (watch anime, mostly) and he’s gonna review it on the blog. In return, after his review, I have to do/watch/play something he enjoys and review it. I think it’s probably gonna be just anime and video games for starters, but who knows.

Thus being said, hopefully I will also start posting more ’cause I know I had a long list of articles on my to write list.

Ciao, fellas. See you soon.

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5 Responses to New project announcement

  1. Whoa…..sounds interesting. Will look forward to your future posts as well as Bushu-san’s. If he’s new to anime, then it’s definitely interesting to read what he has to say about a series!

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  2. mirrorpurple says:


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