What anime characters you relate to the most?


Today’s post is written courtesy to sweet Lita, who suggested this topic as I’m literally running out of ideas regarding what to post.

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So the big question is up: what anime character can I relate to the most? In case someone’s been wondering how I make my lists, I simply choose a criteria and then scroll through my entire anime list to see what fits where. And so I looked for the most regular, plain and boring characters that I could find because I’m actually a regular, plan and sort of boring person.

I would choose a bit of Tanaka-kun (Tanaka-kun is always listless) because of the laziness tanakawithin. I said a bit. I may be lazy, but I don’t have someone who has to carry me to work simply because I don’t have the will to fucking walk. That doesn’t mean I will do the dishes if it’s not life threatening.

6407-hataraki_manAnd then I would choose a bit of Hiroko Matsukata (Hataraki Man) because I tend to focus a lot on my work at times to the point where there is nothing else I talk about and it gets annoying and it makes people not talk to me anymore which, in turn, takes me even closer to her because she doesn’t have any sort of social life. Welcome to the sad club, you sad woman who’s not getting any.

I wanted to include Konata-chan (Lucky Star) on this list as well because, come on, she’s clayz_izumi_konata03
me. She’s the Ruki-amount of lazy and nerd, but also the Ruki-
amount of a social person. However, I feel that I mention her in here way too often, up to the point where I feel obnoxious and bad. Aaand she was my answer to anime character that you are most similar to. So it would be pretty boring.


Sooo…the character I can relate to the most right now is Makoto Kousaka from Genshiken.


 Surprised, aren’t you. Ahahaha, he’s the male version of Konata. Besically, the only differences between them are the hair and the thing in their pantsu.

Actually, you know what? Just show me a character that’s a bit of a nerd, loves video games and anime, has about 3 friends and leans on the lazy side and that would be me. I don’t even feel bad to admit I’m an average human with nerdy hobbies and no friends.

:     >) <– I want to kill myself face


Please make it good. I want to see at least one Saitama from One Punch Man.


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3 Responses to What anime characters you relate to the most?

  1. Artemis says:

    Sakaki from Azumanga. Not just for her extreme love of cats (though that certainly doesn’t hurt), but because she’s one of those characters who constantly gets mistaken by her classmates as ‘cool and mysterious’ (and/or intimidating), when really she’s just way taller than everyone else and actually pretty damn shy. As someone who was once told by a former classmate that they thought I was a cold, stuck-up bitch when in reality I was just too socially anxious to open my mouth, I totally get that.


  2. Tanaka-kun is a very spiritual being. Keeping with the “lazy” theme, I’ll vouch for Oreki Houtarou.


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